Boxing results: Connor Butler Loses to Jay Harris in UK!

By Ken Hissner - 02/24/2024 - Comments

At the Olympia, Liverpool, Merseyside, UK, Saturday over DAZN promoter Dennis Hobson, Jnr (Fight Academy) presented in the Main Event Commonwealth and EBU Flyweight champion Connor “Top Dog” Butler losing to British champion Jay Harris in an all action 12 rounds.

In the Main Event Commonwealth and EBU champ Connor Butler, 11-1-1 (1), #112, of Liverpool, Merseyside, UK, lost to British champ Jay Harris, 21-3 (11), #112, of Swansea, Wales, UK, over 12 rounds.

In the second round it was non stop action with Harris the aggressor both going mostly to the body. In the third round Butler drew blood from the nose of Harris as the action continued. In the fourth round Harris came back outworking Butler.

In the fifth round it was Butler for the first half of the round before Harris came back taking over. In the sixth round Harris moving left to right and back positioned himself to outland Butler in a close six rounds.

In the seventh round Butler seemed to have a slight edge. In the eighth round after half a minute a right from Harris knocked the head of Butler back. What seemed to be the first clinch of the fight both have slowed a bit after seven all action rounds.

Referee Victor Loughlin has had an easy time up to this point. In the ninth round at times, it was Butler taking the lead as it went back and forth.

With a minute left the fans were on their feet. In the final seconds they were throwing punches at the bell with Harris finishing stronger.

In the tenth round Harris briefly turned southpaw landing several punches before returning to orthodox. Butler was on the defense in the last round as Harris landed a right to the chin driving him several steps to his left.

In the eleventh round both looked exhausted for the most part after a furious pace they have fought. Butler’s best punch the left hook is what he has landed well. Harris in the final minute drove Butler into the ropes.

Butler managed to fight back having the better at it the final half minute. Butler’s right eye had some swelling.

In the twelfth and final round they touched gloves twice showing respect for one another. Harris never stopped coming forward as Butler countered the best he could. In the final minute Harris was the stronger of the two but Butler never stopped throwing punches in return right up to the final bell.

Scores were 116-112 twice and 116-113 and 116-112 KH.
Bantam Jack ‘El Terrier’ Turner, 5-0 (5), of Liverpool and Dubai, UAE, stopped Selemani Bangaiza, 19-10 (5), of Dar-Es-Salaam, TANZ, at 0:58 of the first round of a scheduled 6.

In the first round Turner went on the offense driving Bangaiza around the ring until referee Mark Lyson called a halt.

Feather Joe McGrail, 9-0 (5), of Liverpool, Merseyside, UK, stopped Jules “The Wasp” Phillips, 2-30 (0), of Islington, London, UK, at 1:12 of the first round of a scheduled 6.

In the first round in a mismatch McGrail scored a knockdown with a combination dropping Phillips who was in no condition to continue after an 8 count from referee Mark Lyson.

Middle Hakeem Palmer, 5-0-1 (2), of Liverpool, Merseyside, UK, easily defeated Artjom Spatar, 4-6 (1), of Narva, Estonia, over six rounds.

Palmer had an easy time defeating Spatar.

Referee Jamie Kirkpatrick scored 60-54.

Bantam Kurtis Wiggins, 1-0 (0), of Liverpool, Merseyside, UK, defeated Nabil Ahmed, 2-29 (2), of Batley, Yorkside, UK, over 4 rounds.

Wiggins dominated Ahmed for the entire 4 rounds. Referee Mark Lyson scored 40-36.

Super Light southpaw Ethan Brown, 5-0 (1), of Liverpool, Merseyside, UK, stopped Kasey Bradnum, 1-17 (0), of Harwich, Essex, UK, at 1:55 of the second round of a scheduled 4 rounds.

In the first round Brown scored a knockdown for an 8 count from referee Jamie Kirkpatrick. In the second round Brown scored a pair of knockdowns over Bradnum forcing referee Jamie Kirkpatrick to call a halt.

Super Feather Safiullahh “Afghan Assassasin” Sediqi, 2-0-1 (0), of Afghanistan and Liverpool, Merseyside, UK, defeated Darryl Tapfuma, 3-16-3 (3), of Zimbabwe and Luton, Bedfordshire, UK, over 4 rounds.

Scored 40-46.