Bill Haney’s Tank Obsession: Does It Overshadow the Ryan Garcia Showdown?

By Nationvegas - 02/26/2024 - Comments

Devin Haney’s dad, Bill, isn’t letting up on his obsession with wanting Gervonta Davis next, provided Dev defeats Ryan Garcia on April 20th. Bill can’t let go of the Tank fight after he failed to get that match-up for Devin.

It obviously was a big disappointment for Bill not to land that big fish, but he’s got to forget about it and not be a useless third wheel for the promotion of his son Devin’s fight against Ryan.

Tank Talk Drowns Out Ryan Buzz

Bill is so fixated on securing a fight against Tank Davis, ignoring Devin’s upcoming clash against Ryan. That’s the biggest fight of Devin’s career, yet Bill cannot pull away from his relentless focus on Tank.

If you’re Devin, it’s got to be troubling to see his dad, Bill, unable to attend to the fight in front of him mentally. The obvious solution for Devin would be to muzzle Bill and get someone else to promote his fight with Ryan on his behalf because he’s doing a terrible job.

All the time that Bill is putting into talking up a fight with Gervonta Davis might not pay off, given that Devin still may not get that match next.  Bill will look silly for having wasted so much promotion time talking up a Tank fight that doesn’t happen.

Ryan Gets Shortchanged

Bill has been mentioning Tank’s name in interviews and talking about him on social media, causing fans to wonder whether Devin (31-0, 15 KOs) is fighting him rather than Ryan.

It seems pretty clear that Tank Davis is the guy that Bill puts more value on for his son, Devin, than Ryan, and that’s a shame. Bill is dropping the ball in helping Devin promote his fight against the popular Ryan Garcia on DAZN PPV.

You have to feel sorry for Ryan Garcia to be overlooked in this manner by Bill. You can’t blame Devin, considering he’s training, and he’s not much of a talker. His dad generally talks for him while he stands by his side, silent.

Ryan didn’t have to give Haney this fight, and he probably would have been better off going in a different direction if he knew this was how the event promotion would be.

Dissecting the Davis Negotiations

“I don’t believe s*** that Gervonta or his team says. He agreed that he was going to fight Devin. Don’t you remember that?” said Bill Haney to Fighthype when asked about his thoughts on Gervonta Davis fighting Frank Martin next in the summer.

“We went and got His Excellency and the Saudi Arabian government, and they wanted to put up the money. It started out at $20 million. We don’t know where it was going to go,” continued Bill about the Tank Davis vs. Haney fight that failed to happen.

“I think he [Gervonta] asked for some Ferraris, and it didn’t work.  That kind of negotiating didn’t work. It showed that he didn’t really want it. Do you expect him to fight Devin Haney after Devin vs. Ryan Garcia? Why wouldn’t Tank Davis say he’s waiting for that match?

“Biggest Fight in Boxing” Hype

“If he handles his business with Frank Martin and Devin handles his business with Ryan Garcia, there ain’t no more excuses,” said Bill about him wanting Gervonta Davis to fight Haney next if the two win their next fights.

“If you take the bullseye off of Tank’s back. His Excellency and everybody, then we’ll get up off of his helmet. Until the people stop wanting to see that fight, I’m not letting go up on you [Tank Davis].

“You think people want to wait three more fights to see the biggest fight in boxing [Davis vs. Haney] after Devin destroys Ryan Garcia? Come on, Kenny Ellis and Calvin Ford,” said Bill Haney.

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