Benn – Broner Feud Heats Up: ‘Bottlegate’ Resurfaces in Public Taunt

By Daniel Mcglinchey - 02/06/2024 - Comments

Conor Benn posted a direct message today of a conversation between him and Adrien Broner, showing the effort the former four-division world champion ‘The Problem’ is making to try and lure him into facing him next.

Bottlegate Revisited

The unbeaten welterweight contender Benn (23-0, 14 KOs) let the 34-year-old down in his luck Broner that he tried to make a fight with him in the past, but he wouldn’t put down the bottle.

Now, he seemed to give him the brush off by subtly telling him not to contact him unless he’s “serious.” Benn’s comment about the bottle signals that he feels Broner lacks dedication to boxing, and he’s not going to waste his time trying to set up a fight with him.

Benn Demands Seriousness

Adrien Broner: “I will fight you next, bro. You’re easy work, bro.”

Conor Benn: “I ain’t your bro. We tried making the fight, but you wouldn’t put down the bottle [of alcohol]. Don’t [contact] me unless you’re serious because we can make it whenever you want.”

Adrien Broner: “Okay, I will gladly [expletive] you up, and after I’m done, I’m going to pop open a brand new bottle in the middle of the ring. [Expletive] ya.”

Fight Probability Low Despite Social Media Hype

Obviously, Broner is not in the position career-wise to call out a fighter like Benn because he’s not been active enough in recent years.

Benn would likely accommodate AB by throwing a bone to the old former champ, who is down and out, but he can’t afford to give the old-timer a boost right now. Benn is on the cusp of cashing in on a big-money fight, be it against Gervonta Davis, Chris Eubank Jr., or Devin Haney.

With just four fights in the last six years since 2018, Broner lacks the activity level for him to have a shot at getting a fight with Benn, not that he’s a great fighter.

It’s hard to believe how far Broner had fallen from being the star that he was 12 years ago when he was winning world titles and was one of the most popular fighters in boxing.

Broner made a lot of money during the early stages of his career, but he’s fallen off due to inactivity and some would say a lack of dedication to the sport.