Who Holds the Most Famous Series of Bouts?

By Ken Hissner - 01/27/2024 - Comments

Some series during the more modern days of “Sugar” Ray Robinson, 174-19-6 with 109 knockouts, fighting Jake “Bronx Bull” LaMotta, 83-19-4, some five times (4-1).

Then there was Muhammad Ali, 56-5 with 37 knockouts, fighting Ken Norton, 42-7-1 with 33 knockouts, and “Smokin” Joe Frazier, 32-4-1 with 27 knockouts, three times (2-1 each) along with Arturo “Thunder” Gatti, 40-9 with 31 knockouts and “Irish” Micky Ward, 38-13 with 27 knockouts, fighting three times (2-1 Gatti).

Those are nothing compared to those in the past like Sam “The Boston Bonecrusher” Langford, 178-30-38 with 126 knockouts, born in Weymouth Nova Scotia, Canada, fighting out of Boston, Massachusetts, second only to Light Heavyweight champion Archie “Old Mongoose” Moore’s, 186-23-10, with 132 knockouts.

Moore defeated other Light Heavyweight champion Harold Johnson, 76-11 with 31 knockouts, out of Manayunk section of Philadelphia, PA, 4-1 in their series.

One of the all-time greatest heavyweight champions, Jack “Manassa Mauler” Dempsey, 53-6 with 43 knockouts, said, “I only feared one fighter, and that was Sam Langford!”

Some of the most famous series was between Ted “The Aldgate Spinx” Kid Lewis, 189-32-14 with 77 knockouts, of St. George’s, London, UK Jack “Boxing Marvel” Britton, 103-29-20 with 30 knockouts, from Clinton, New York, 21 times.

Another series leader, Langford vs. Sam “The Oxnard Cyclone” McVea, 74-14-10 with 60 knockouts, out of Oxnard, California, 15 times.

Langford vs Harry “Black Panther” Wills, 70-9-3 with 56 knockouts out of New Orleans, Louisiana, 18 times. Langford vs Joe Jeanette, 84-9-9 with 79 knockouts out of Union City, New Jersey, 14 times.

Langford vs Jeff “Joplin Ghost” Clark, 93-31-14 with 71 knockouts, out of Joplin, Missouri, 13 times. Langford vs Jim Barry, 32-27-11 with 18 knockouts out of Petaluma, California, 12 times.

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