Edgar Berlanga Wants Canelo To Choose Him For May 5th

By melo - 01/15/2024 - Comments

Edgar Berlanga says he’s hoping that Canelo Alvarez will choose him as his next opponent on May 4th on Cinco de Mayo if he makes a “statement” in his fight next month against unbeaten super middleweight contender Padraig McCrory on February 24th at the Caribe Royale in Orlando, Florida.

Berlanga (21-0, 16 KOs) feels that with a big win over the 35-year-old McCrory (18-0, 9 KOs), Canelo will be impressed and want him as his next opponent.

That guy might not be a big enough name for Berlanga to open the eyes of Canelo. If Berlanga wanted to impress Canelo, he should have chosen David Morrell Jr. because if he beat him, he would be thoroughly wowed, but not the little-known Irish fighter McCrory.

Berlanga says he’s the second biggest name for Canelo to fight after David Benavidez. That might be the case; Berlanga could slip down the list if he continues to struggle like he’s been doing since 2021. He hasn’t knocked out anybody since 2020.

Berlanga says if he can’t get Canelo in May, he’d like to fight one of these fighters:

– Gabriel Rosado
– Caleb Plant
– John Ryder

Berlanga Needs Statement Win

“Yes, of course. That would be perfect because I’d just be coming off a win, a beautiful win,” said Edgar Berlanga to Fight Hub TV when asked if he’d be interested in fighting Canelo Alvarez on Cinco de Mayo on May 4th.

“I just feel like I got perform in this next fight and make a statement so I can have his [Canelo] eyes open, like, ‘Oh, okay.’ He likes what he sees. Do you get what I’m saying?” said Berlanga, believing he’ll impress Canelo by defeating little-known 35-year-old Padraig McCrory on February 24th.

It’s not realistic that Berlanga will get the fight with Canelo in May because he’s not done enough with his recent, and Padraig is a complete unknown.

He was obviously chosen by Berlanga’s promoter to give him someone that the UK fans could get excited about and to help push him up the rankings.

“Right now, he’s the boss at 168.  He makes the move; he’s the money man at 168. He can do whatever he wants to do if he feels like it,” said Berlanga about Canelo. “You can’t take that away from him. He’s paid his dues to get this point where he can pick and choose who he wants to fight.

“I just got to make a statement next month. I got to make a statement and then call him out. ‘Listen, let’s do it for the fans. Let’s bring Puerto Rico and Mexico together.'”

Canelo’s Second Best Option: Berlanga

“I don’t think, besides Benavidez, that there is a bigger fight out there for him,” said Berlanga, believing that he’s the second biggest fight in boxing for Canelo behind Benavidez.

“You know, with Charlo, ah. There are other guys out there at 168, but they’re like, ah. He already beat Caleb Plant. I feel like the only fights out there that would be big is me or Benavidez.

“He’s still one of the top fighters in the world. He still has all those titles, and he’s still selling out those arenas. Canelo isn’t what he was five years ago. Now, he’s loading up with one punch, trying to break your arms.

“Jermell, he looked amazing in his fights, but as soon as he gets in the ring with Canelo, that dude is running circles around the ring. I’m like, What?’ Even though he’s a younger guy. Go out on your shield, dude. You made yourself look like a clown, and you’re undisputed champion at 154.

“You got Gabe Rosado. Yeah, he’s got a couple of losses, but he’s got a lot of experience,” said Berlanga on who he wants to fight. That would be a dope fight.”

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