Wilder taunts Parker’s nerves, predicting quick knockout: Can “Big Joe” survive the “Bronze Bomber”?

By Charles Brun - 12/21/2023 - Comments

Deontay Wilder noted that Joseph Parker seemed nervous during today’s final press conference, and he understands why. With Deontay’s one-punch power in his right hand, he can ruin Parker’s hopes of winning their fight on Saturday on the ‘Day of Reckoning’ card on December 23rd in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia.

Deontay seemed to enjoy how he reduced Parker into a ‘nervous nellie,’ causing him to stutter and look like he wanted to head for the nearest exit to escape.

Mimicking Anthony Joshua’s behavior this week, Parker (33-3, 23 KOs) had sounded aggressive, speaking in absolutes about his belief that he’s going to defeat Deontay, but today, he was back to his meek, sheepish self, appearing nervous at the press conference.

Parker won’t last long on Saturday night unless he goes kamikaze against Wilder. He will be caught and finished off quickly if he doesn’t risk everything. He lacks the size to maul Wilder like Tyson Fury did, and he probably won’t be willing to bend the rules by hitting him with rabbit punches and low blows like he did.

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Parker cracking under the strain

“He’s a little bit nervous, and he should be. Nobody hits as hard as I, and I don’t think he’s ever faced anybody of the caliber of myself,” said Deontay Wilder to Boxing Social, talking about the behavior of his opponent, Joseph Parker, during today’s final press conference.

Parker looked like he was quivering in his boots, and he has a right to be. Deontay will be looking to knock him into the HD1 galaxy, 13.5 billion light years away.

Wilder wants to get Parker out of there quickly on Saturday night because he’s got the massive money fight potentially in front of him on March 9th against Anthony Joshua.

“It’s going to be a good fight while it lasts. It’s a brilliant card with a lot of heavyweights on it. It’s not something I’ve ever seen before. The promotion is something I’ve never seen before, and I’m looking forward to the fight on Saturday night,” Wilder continued.

Parker’s options are far slim. He either fights or he gets knocked into oblivion by Wilder, ending up in the same condition as his last opponent, Robert Helenius, last year.

“Most definitely, hands down,” said Deontay about his power destroying Parker. “Like I tell everybody. Don’t blink. It’s going to be an exciting fight. All around, it’s going to be an exciting fight. I’m looking forward to it. That remains to be told,” said Wilder on what happens when he fights Anthony Joshua next year.

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