Boxing results: David Morrell KO’s Sena Agbeko!

By Ken Hissner - 12/17/2023 - Comments

In the main event, WBA World Super Middleweight champion David “Osvary” Morrell Jr. defended against Ghana’s Sena Agbeko, stopping him in 2 rounds on Saturday night at The Armory in Minneapolis, Minnesota.

In the co-main event, Lightweight Chris “Primetime” Colbert was knocked out by Jose “Rayo” Valenzuela in 6 rounds.

WBA World Super Middle champ southpaw David “Osvary” Morrell, Jr., 10-0 (9), stopped Sena “The African Assassin” Agbeko, 28-3 (22) at 1:43 of the second round of a scheduled 12 rounds.

In the second round, Morrell landed a jab followed by a flurry of punches ending with a right on the chin, and down went Agbeko as Referee Mark Nelson called a halt.

In a rematch, lightweight Chris “Primetime” Colbert, 17-2 (6), was knocked out by Jose “Rayo” Valenzuela, 13-2 (9), at 1:46 of the sixth round of a scheduled 12 rounds.

In the second round, Valenzuela had Colbert out on his feet after the first minute. Colbert somehow managed to get to the bell. In the third round, Valenzuela again had Colbert in trouble for the entire round. In the fourth round, Valenzuela again had Colbert hurt throughout the round.

In the fifth round, Valenzuela, going side to side, landed uppercuts on the chin of Colbert. In the sixth round, Valenzuela dropped Colbert down face first into the bottom ropes with a flurry of punches ending with a right hook on the chin, with Referee Joel Scobie immediately waving it off.

In a rematch, former two-time world champ southpaw Robert “The Ghost” Guerrero, 38-6-1 (20), defeated former Welter champ Andre Berto, 32-6 (24) over 10 rough rounds.

In the second round, Berto continued coming forward, rocking Guerrero with a combination to the head in a bout of 40-year-old boxers.

In the third round, Guerrero drove Berto halfway through the ropes. In the fifth round, Guerrero had Berto hurt after Referee Robert Hoyle called two slips by Berto, with the second that should have been a knockdown.

In the sixth round, Berto landed a right uppercut on the chin of Guerrero, putting him against the ropes. Guerrero ended the round the stronger of the two. In the seventh round, Berto had Guerrero hurt in the final minute with a combination. In the eighth round Guerrero warned for a low blow and in a heated exchange at the bell.

In the ninth round, it was with little action. In the tenth and final round, Guerrero got hit behind the head by Berto.

Scores were 98-92 twice and 99-91 and 97-93 KH.

Former WBA super light champ Alberto Puello, 22-0 (10), returned after 16 months to outpoint previously unbeaten Ector Madera, 11-1 (6), over 8 rounds.

Scores 80-72 twice and 79-73.

Middleweight Kyrone Davis, 18-3-1 (6), won an 8 round decision over Cruse Stewart, 8-3 (6), by scores of 77-75 by all 3 judges.

Light Heavy Lawrence King, 14-1 (12), stopped Alex Theran, 23-13 (15), in round 4.

Middleweight Joey Spencer, 17-1 (10), shut out Marcelo Fabian Bzowki, 11-25-4, over 6 rounds; all scores were 60-54.

The ring announcer was Jimmy Lennon, Jr.

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