Boxing Results: Naoya Inoue Stops Marlon Tapales!

By Ken Hissner - 12/26/2023 - Comments

 Naoya  Inoue became the undisputed Super Bantamweight champion stopping WBA Super World and IBF Super Bantamweight champion Marlon “Nightmare” Tapales in the tenth round.

In the Main Event three division and current WBO and WBC Super Bantam champ Naoya “Monster” Inoue, 26-0 (23), #121 ¾, of Yokohama, Kanagawa, JAP, WBA Super World and IBF Super Bantam champ knocked out southpaw Marlon “Nightmre” Tapales, 37-4 (19), #121 ¼, of Kapatagan, Lanao del Norte, PH, at 1:02 of the tenth round of a scheduled 12 rounds.

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In the first rounds first ten seconds Inoue landed a right to the body of Tapales. Inoue controlled the fight finishing the round with a combination to the chin of Tapales. In the second and third rounds Inoue dominated.

In the fourth rounds midway point Tapales finally landed some effective punches. In the final seconds a left hook from Inoue on the chin of Tapales scored a knockdown and an 8-count from Referee Celestino Ruiz. In the fifth round Inoue continued getting through the hands held high defense of Tapales. In the sixth round Tapales dropped his hands and got hit with a lead right on the chin from Inoue. Tapales had Inoue in a corner in the final minute landing punches. Inoue controlled the round.

In the seventh rounds final thirty seconds Inoue landed three rights on the chin of Tapales. Tapales came back in the final seconds landing a lead left on the chin of Inoue. In the eighth round Tapales no longer kept his hands held high and was an easier target for Inoue’s righthand leads.

In the ninth round Tapales at the end of the first minute landed three punches to the chin of Inoue. Halfway through the round Tapales returned to the hands held high defense as Inoue had taken over the round again. In the tenth round

In tenth round Inoue near the end of the first minute broke through the defense of Tapales landing rights off the gloves onto the chin dropping Tapales for the full count from referee Ruiz. After the fight Inoue went to Tapales acknowledging a good fight from him.

In the final of the Monster tournament Bantam southpaw Saiya Tsutsumi, 10-0-2 (7), #117 ¾, of Tokyo, JAP, won a decision over southpaw Kazuki Anaguchi, 6-1 (2), #117 ¾, of Kobe, Hyogo, JAP, scoring four knockdowns over 10 action packed rounds.

In the second rounds final minute Anaguchi landed a lead left on the chin stunning Tsutsumi. In the third round after fifteen seconds Tsutsumi was cut under the left eyebrow from a left from Anaguchi. Halfway through the round the ring physician checked the cut. In the fourth rounds final minute a three-punch combination from Tsutsumi on the chin dropped Anaguchi for an 8-count.

In the fifth round both fighters had their moments as Anaguchi seemed to recover from the previous round’s knockdown.

In the sixth rounds final seconds the ring physician again checked the cut on Tsutsumi. Anaguchi gained control again in the fight working on the cut of Tsutsumi. In the seventh round at the end of the first minute a right from Tsutsumi on the chin of Anaguchi dropped him for a second time in the fight. In the final minute bleeding from the mouth Anaguchi gained control again.

In the eighth round it was back and forth with Anaguchi having an edge. In the ninth rounds first minute a right from Tsutsumi dropped Anaguchi for a third time for an 8-count. Anaguchi came back well but not enough to take the round. In the tenth and final round Anaguchi regained control until the final seconds when Tsustsumi whose left eye was half closed landed a combination on the chin dropping Anaguchi for a fourth time for an 8-count. After the decision Anaguchi was assisted to the dressing room by his corner man.

Scores were 95-91 and 94-92 twice.

Referee Takeru Okaniwa

Fly Kanamu Sakama, 9-0 (8), #108 ¾, of Tokyo, JAP, stopped John “Angas ag Cebu” Paul Gabunilas, 10-3 (7), #107 ¼, of Cebu City, PH, at 2:25 of the fifth round of a scheduled 8 rounds.

In the first 3 rounds Sakama dominated Gabunilas. In the fifth round a flurry of punches had Gabunilas defenseless when Referee Koji Tanaka called a halt.

Super Bantam Yoshiki Takei, 8-0 (8), #120 ¼, of Yokohama, Kanagawa, JAP, Mario “El Triturador” Diaz, 21-7 (9), #120, of Aguascalientes, MEX, at 2:23 of the second round of a scheduled 8 rounds.

In the second round Takei landed a right on the chin of Diaz and down he went for the count from Referee Toshio Sugiyama.

Welter southpaw Andy “Da Blade” Hiraoka, 23-0 (18), #142, of Yokohama, Kanagawa, JAP, stopped southpaw Sabastian “El Verdugo” Diaz, 18-7-1 (13), #140 ¾, of Aguascalientes, MEX, at 1:07 (1:52) of the fifth round of a scheduled 8 rounds.

In the first rounds midway point southpaw Hiraoka landed a right hook on the chin and down went Diaz for an 8-count. In the second round Diaz came back well outworking Hiraoka. In the third round Hiraoka landed a right hook to the body with a minute remaining hurting Diaz.

In the fourth rounds final seconds Hiraoka landed a flurry of punches having Diaz against the ropes. In the fifth round a low blow after fifteen seconds by Hiraoka gave Diaz a short rest to recover. Halfway through the round the referee John Hachisuka prematurely stopped the fight with Hiraoka having Diaz against the ropes landing several punches to the chin of Diaz.

Ring Announcer Jimmy Lennon, Jr.