Bill Haney sprays back: Denies disappointing PPV numbers, calls media “Graffiti Artists”

By Robbie Bannatyne - 12/31/2023 - Comments

Bill Haney labels the media members “graffiti artists” for revealing the leaked abysmal PPV numbers of 50K on DAZN for the Devin Haney vs. Regis Prograis fight on December 9th. Bill views it as a conspiracy to stop his son Devin’s rise to superstardom by saying his fight with Prograis didn’t draw big numbers.

(Photo credit: Ed Mulholland/Matchroom or Melina Pizano/Matchroom)

Bill likens the leaked PPV numbers to graffiti on the side of a train, but in this case, it’s being done to stop the Devin Haney train.

According to Bill, he knows the pay-per-view numbers, and they’re “way beyond” what has been leaked. However, he’s not revealing what they are for some reason. If Bill does know what DAZN’s PPV numbers are, shouldn’t he be revealing them?

Painting a Different Picture

“Listen, look around the arena,” said Bill Haney to Thaboxingvoice, responding to being told that the December 9th fight between Devin Haney & Regis Prograis brought in a reported 50K PPV buys on DAZN.

“Look at the engagement. Look at how much money the content creators are making. I’m going to tell you this. The content creators made the money, man,” Bill Haney continued with his denials that Devin vs. Prograis fight brought in dreadfully poor PPV numbers for their event at the Chase Center in San Francisco, California.

“I’m not stupid, so guess what? [Bleep] everybody else. Ask the content creators are they making money, was the engagement and the fight big, period. Guess what? They came with these numbers. What are they talking about? Who is Rick Glaser?

The Conspiracy Canvas

“You don’t have nobody. You’re talking about the numbers. I know the numbers. The numbers are way beyond that. Guess what? My friend told me, Richie Rich. He told me, ‘You know what, Bill? They can’t stop the train.’ So guess what they’re doing now? They done turned into graffiti artists.

“They were trying to stop it, and now they’ve got a spray paint can, and they just spring on the side of it,” said Bill Haney, saying that the media are trying to stop Devin’s rise to superstardom by stating that his fight with Prograis did terrible pay-per-view numbers.

Bill sounds paranoid, talking about there being a coordinated move to stop his son, Devin, from becoming a star. It’s difficult to buy into Bill’s cockamamie conspiracy talk about him revealing what the PPV numbers are.

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