Tim Bradley says Gervonta Davis loses to Shakur, Haney & Teofimo

Tim Bradley believes that Gervonta Davis will get exposed as soon as he fights Shakur Stevenson, Devin Haney, or Teofimo Lopez.

Bradley says Tank Davis’ management is protecting him by keeping him away from the risky guys because “they know” he’ll lose, and they don’t want him to be “devalued” as an asset.

To put it simply, Gervonta Davis is their “money hog,” and he’ll continue to make them a lot of money, no matter who they dig up for him to fight. It doesn’t matter that Tank doesn’t fight cutting-edge opposition. He’ll continue to bring in the dough hand over fist.

We recently saw how much money Tank Davis made fighting the Instagram boxer Ryan Garcia, who was a manufactured fighter, who had never fought anyone. It was all trickery junk to peddle a mismatch to the public.

Shakur naively believes that one of these days, Tank Davis will fight him, and he’s going to hang around the 135-lb division like a bat, waiting for that to happen. When it doesn’t materialize, Shakur will have nothing to show for the many years that he sat and desperately waited.

Smart guys like Devin Haney & Vasily Lomachenko figured out a long time ago what Tank’s management & promoter’s hustle is, and they gave up trying to fight him because they knew what time it was.

Gervonta will get exposed soon

Tank is going to get exposed soon. If he gets in there with the right guy like Shakur Stevenson, he going to get exposed,” said Tim Bradley to Fighthype about Gervonta Davis.

“I’m noticing a pattern with a lot of the PBC fighters. Inactivity is one of them. When they do get in there with a live dog, and they get hit in the face, they all bow out. A lot of the guys do,” said Bradley.

Tim Bradley is wrong. Tank Davis won’t get exposed soon because his management at PBC and promoters at Mayweather Promoters aren’t going to mess up their little oil well by putting him in with someone capable of beating him.

In 2024, the likely two fights for Tank Davis will be rematches with Ryan Garcia & Isaac ‘Pitbull’ Cruz, and he won’t lose to those guys. What we’ll see in 2025 is Tank fighting Frank Martin and Jamaine Ortiz. You get the idea. Tank will be fighting stiffs, and the casuals will faithfully order the fights on PPV.

“There’s levels to this game. I remember seeing him fight against [Isaac] Cruz,” said Bradley. “I saw a different wrinkle with him in that he boxed, but I also saw that he didn’t like that toughness that Cruz brought. He didn’t like that heat.

“I know he had a hurt hand and whatever, so that could be a part of it too, but I could just tell. Body language. Me being a fighter my entire life, I could see certain intangibles, and I see that with Tank.

“When things get hot in there, and he can’t have his way, you can beat him. A guy like Shakur Stevenson, if he were to get in there and hit him and not get hit, he [Gervonta] would definitely fold under pressure. That’s what I feel,” said Bradley.

If Tank Davis’ power doesn’t bail him out, he will lose to a guy like Shakur, but his management won’t make that fight. It’s pointless to discuss a hypothetical outcome for a fight that has no real chance of ever happening.

Tank has been protected by his handlers, and he’ll continue to do so. He won’t make waves because he obviously enjoys the easy money.

Shakur will expose Tank Davis

“There’s a lot of times when Tank gets behind in fights, then he finally catches you with a shot when he lures you in, and you start fading a bit because he’s an explosive guy,” said Bradley. “But what happens if you can’t land that shot? What are you going to do then? I think Shakur is that guy to expose that.

“Oh yeah, those guys too, because those guys hit back,”  said Bradley when asked if he thinks Devin Haney & Teofimo Lopez would beat Tank Davis. “Haney don’t get a lot of credit because he doesn’t have any power. So, a lot of people aren’t going to give him credit.”

Gervonta Davis’ management never showed interest in matching him against Haney or Teofimo when they were both fighting in the same weight class at 135, so why would they suddenly show interest now that they’re at 140?

“They don’t realize that you don’t have to have a lot of power in order to outbox a guy, to out-think a guy,” said Bradley. “Floyd has shown that many times. Haney is not Floyd, but he has his way. He’s really technical in a sense, but he’s really tactically sound. He knows how to do the right things at the right time. He’s well-schooled.

“Tank hasn’t fought a guy that has the same mentality as him. He ain’t fought no Haney. He ain’t fought no Shakur that actually believes in their skills like that.

“He fought against [Ryan] Garcia, but Garcia was there for the same reason that [Jermell] Charlo was there [for his fight against Canelo Alvarez]. The money. Garcia never had a chance in my eyes,” said Bradley.

Of course, Ryan Garcia had no chance of beating Tank Davis. Ryan was just a social media boxer with a resume as weak as water. He’s from the same mold as Youtubers Jake Paul & KSI.

Tank Davis being protected

“A puncher’s chance if he gets lucky, but once Tank took that away, it was a wrap,” said Bradley. “I really do think it’s going to come soon [Gervonta losing], and that’s the reason why they [PBC & Mayweather Promotions] don’t put Tank in the ring with anybody that’s threatening because they know. They see exactly what I see, and they know exactly what I know.

“That’s why it took so long for Spence to get in the ring with Crawford. In order for Tank to see 1.2 million PPVs, he had to get in there with [Ryan] Garcia. Another guy that was somewhat of a threat in some people’s eyes.”

The boxing public should have figured out what Tank Davis was all about when he fought Rolando ‘Rolly’ Romero & Isaac Cruz. If they were still a little slow on the uptake, then it should have been crystal clear when Tank was matched against Ryan Garcia. That fight said it all. His career is a hustle.

“If he gets in there with Haney, I think they’ll sell a hell of a lot of pay-per-views,’ said Bradley. “If he gets in there with Shakur, I think they’ll sell a whole hell of a lot of PPVs. They would, but again, they [PBC & Mayweather Promotions] don’t want to go through that because trust me. They see what I see.

“They know exactly what Tank can handle and what he can’t. That’s exactly why they won’t put him in the ring with anyone that’s threatening because they don’t want to lose their money hog.

“If he loses now, he’s devalued. So they want to keep him undefeated. They want to be able to manage whoever he fights because he sells out no matter what, and it’s smart. But trust me, when he does decide to ever step in the ring with one of those guys, you heard it here first.

“Just like I said it years ago with Spence and the rest of them. That he’s going to get beat, no doubt about it,” said Bradley about Tank Davis.

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