Shakur Stevenson, Teofimo Lopez & Kambosos going at it on social media

By Chris Williams - 11/29/2023 - Comments

Teofimo Lopez got Shakur Stevenson riled up on Twitter today about him being a boring fighter. Shakur then remarked how fighters like Teofimo are one way when they’re in your face but then turn around and “talk crazy” when they’re not with you.

In the process of getting even with Teofimo, Shakur dragged George Kambosos Jr’s name through the mud, calling him a “bum”, while reminding Teo that he’d lost to him.

Kambosos then fired back at Shakur, calling him a “flop” and mentioning that he supposedly had a hand injury in his recent fight against Edwin De Los Santos on November 16th, which he says drew only “4,800″ at the T-Mobile Arena in Las Vegas, and he says half left the fight in the ninth while the other half were asleep.

Dragging Kambosos into his beef with Teofimo was wrong of Shakur, because he didn’t do anything to have his name dragged into the argument.

Chris Williams suspects that Shakur is still bitter about Kambosos not accepting a fight with him last year when he was trying to dig up an opponent, and he caught him at a bad time when he was going on vacation.

WBO light welterweight champion Teofimo was speaking the truth about Shakur’s fight with De Los Santos, putting fans to sleep. Instead of Shakur rejecting the criticism, he should have agreed to it because Teo, in his roundabout way, was trying to help him.

It wouldn’t have done Shakur any good if Teofimo poured false compliments over his head, making him believe he did good. If Shakur wants to become a PPV star, he’s got to stop running and using that pull-back method.

Teofimo slams Shakur

“I don’t know. Do you still want to see a $4 million man put your a** to sleep?” said Teofimo Lopez to Shawn Porter’s YouTube channel, taking a verbal shot at Shakur Stevenson when asked if he was going to fight again or retire. “Of course, I’m talking about Shakur.

“If you want to see entertainment, then pay the man for entertainment,” said Teofimo, making it clear he wants to be paid well to resume his career after his big win over former undisputed light welterweight champion Josh Taylor last June on ESPN.

Hopefully, Teofimo (19-1, 13 KOs) doesn’t hold out, waiting for ESPN & Top Rank to offer him a King’s ransom for him to return to the ring, as if his win over a washed Josh Taylor was a big enough victory for him to be offered $20 million purses.

Chris Williams hates to break the news to Teofimo, but Taylor is over the hill and has been since last year when he fought Jack Catterall. In other words, it will take much more than beating that washed-up old guy for Teofimo to get the big bucks showered over his head by ESPN.

Teofimo needs to beat these types of fighters if he wants the big money:

  • Devin Haney
  • Jaron ‘Boots’ Ennis
  • Shakur Stevenson
  • Gervonta Davis
  • Ryan Garcia
  • Regis Prograis
  • Terence Crawford

“As far as retirement and stuff, it’s up to the networks [ESPN]. It’s really up to the networks. I’m in a good position right now. I’m very honored, I’m blessed. I have an L on my record; that’s cool. It just shows that an L doesn’t stop me from achieving my goals,” said Teofimo.

Will Teofimo retire again?

The way that Teofimo says, “I’m in a good position right now,” suggests that he may sit out of the ring for a long, long time, waiting for money that may never come from his promoters and ESPN to get him off the couch.

Don’t be surprised if Teofimo turns into the 140-lb division’s version of Keith ‘One Time’ Thurman, sitting around, getting old, playing his flute, and growing his hair out. If this is retirement for Teo, this would be a prime example of a fighter magnifying his self-worth after an insignificant win. Teofimo is his own worst enemy as far as his career goes.

“Muhammad Ali had losses, Mike Tyson had losses. Shawn Porter had losses,” said Teofimo. “This helps for this generation. A lot of these fighters are scared to take these risks sometimes because they don’t want to lose, because if you lose, you kind of get out of the picture.

“This ain’t the case no more for this era. This ain’t it no more. We all just got to bunch it up and fight each other.

“I give it all kinds of traits of skills. Even Andre Ward, someone who is an analyst and a perfectionist in boxing, his IQ is high; he was even commenting he was even surprised how I did that jab where it was like a Superman punch to Josh Taylor, a guy that’s [used to be] undisputed and everything and just made it look so easy,” said Teofimo.

Teo is making a big deal out of his empty win over the shell of Taylor, isn’t he? Josh Taylor hasn’t been the same fighter he once was since his war with Prograis in 2019. That fight took a lot out of Taylor, and he hasn’t looked the same since.

“I bring so many things. I even brought a George Foreman combination now [cross-guard defense that Foreman learned from trainer Archie Moore] because that’s everything. I go back in time because that’s where my future is at,” said Teofimo.

That cross-arm defense was used by boxing great Archie Moore (185-23-11, 132 KOs) in the 50s & 60s.


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