Jose Benavidez Sr wants to “slap” Tim Bradley for trashing David’s slow movement

Jose Benavidez Sr. says he wants to “slap” commentator Tim Bradley when he sees him for the way that he’s heaped mountains of criticism over the talent of David Benavidez & Jose Benavidez Jr.

Bradley is only parroting what many of the boxing fans have been saying about Benavdiez for ages, talking about how he’s slow, overly aggressive, and open to being pieced up from counter-punchers.

These defects have been widely known about Benavidez since he turned pro in 2013, as he’s failed to adapt his game to improve. The success that he’s had is based on his size advantage over his opposition.

It’ll be interesting to see what the reaction would be from the retired former two-division world champion Bradley to getting slapped in the face by Benavidez Sr, but it could depend on if the hulking David Benavidez is standing next to his pops at the time.

David Benavidez’s flaws:

  • Defense – easy to hit
  • Too big for 168-lb division – should be fighting at 175 or 200
  • Slow feet – Benavidez moves sluggishly
  • Weak resume
  • Overly aggressive
  • Poor ring IQ

Bradley wouldn’t want to get froggish if the cruiserweight-sized Benavidez is nearby. That guy is as big as a house and would be a formidable backup to his small dad, Jose Sr., who doesn’t have his size. David is huge and not someone Bradley or any ex-boxer would want to tangle with.

Jose Sr. didn’t go into full details about what Bradley has been saying about WBC interim super middleweight champion Benavidez (27-0, 23 KOs), other than him having slow feet, but obviously, there are tons of things that he could have said that would make a lot of sense.

Jose Benavidez’s flaws

  • No power
  • Too small for 160-lb division
  • Lost to every quality fighter he’s faced
  • Not the same guy since being shot in the leg in 2016
  • Slow hand speed
  • Poor defense

Bradley’s comments rile Jose Benavidez

“People say David has bad defense. That clown, Tim Bradley, says David [Benavidez] has terrible footwork. He’s always talking s**t,” said Jose Benavidez Sr. to Fight Hub TV, reacting to Tim Bradley slamming ‘The Mexican Monster’ for his slow feet.

To be honest, I want to have him face to face and slap him in the face. I was one of his fans and following him when he was fighting, but it comes to the point where I just hate this guy, bro,” said Jose Sr.

In fairness to Bradley, he’s just telling it like it is in his Howard Cossell style of commentating because it’s impossible to ignore the Frankenstein-like movement of David Benavidez and his horrible defensive skills.

If not for Benavidez being so huge for the 168-lb division, he’d be getting pieced up on the regular in his fights. Yes, he’s got excellent hand speed and throws a ton of punches, but he gets hit with everything because he’s only thinking about throwing and not defending.

“I think his commentating is a piece of s**t, to be honest with you,” Benavidez Sr. said about Bradley. “I don’t know why they hired this guy because I don’t think he knows how to commentate. He’s always talking s**t. We’re going to show him.

“For us, it’s an honor and a pleasure to fight this guy, Boo Boo, and he’s a very dangerous fighter. That’s what we want to do. We want to test our skills and show the people that David is the best at 168.

“He’s always talking s**t. This isn’t the first time,” said Jose Sr. when asked what Bradley said that got him all riled up. “He’s always talking s**t about Junior for some reason. Junior used to f**k him up in sparring. When Junior was 17-years-old, he was already f***ing him up.

Benavidez Sr.: Bradley’s “hate” clear to see

“I don’t know why this guy. Of course, he wouldn’t like me talking about his sons. There are ways to criticize fighters, but you see the hate when he does it towards Benavidez,” said Jose Sr.

It’s unclear what Benavidez Sr. wants Bradley to say about David and Jose Jr that is different from what he’s been saying.

Does he want Bradley to lie and slather compliments on Benavidez from head to toe, fibbing to the viewers about how great he is? How could Bradley live with himself if he did that?

Benavidez is a good basic super middleweight, but it’s obvious that the only reason he’s been getting over is due to his size because he’s able to melt down from the higher weights to fight the smaller guys at 168. The 26-year-old Benavidez is young enough still to lose massive amounts of water weight to get down to 168 to capitalize.

If light heavyweights Artur Beterbiev & Dmitry Bivol were young enough to drain down to 168 and then squash their opponents after rehydrating, they would be the kings in the division, and Benavidez & Canelo Alvarez would stand no chance.

“I seen a couple of times. He thinks he knows a lot. If he knew a lot about boxing, I think he should bet and get rich off of it. I think he does have a lot of hate about Team Benavidez, and that’s why I don’t like him,” said Jose Sr.

“The reason I don’t like him and I’m talking s**t about him is because he wouldn’t like me to say anything about his won. He’s [David Benavidez] only 26-years-old. They’re [David & 31-year-old Jose Jr.] learning, getting better,” said Jose Sr. about Bradley.

Benavidez Jr. should take the criticism from Bradley in a positive way as a method for improvement. In any job, when you’re told by your boss that you need to improve, you don’t give him a tongue lashing or threaten to slap him in response.

Instead, you listen to what he’s saying, adapt, retool, and return better. That’s what Benavidez & Jose Jr. must do because they lack the talent right now to beat the best.

“I mean, everybody has defects, and whatever, but that’s why we’re here to get better and work on the things that we work on. But just the way that he [Bradley] talks about Team Benavidez, I just had it, bro,” said Jose Sr.

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