Jermall Charlo says he’ll beat both Benavidez brothers

Jermall Charlo says he will beat Jose Benavidez Jr. on November 25th and then come after his brother, David, to defeat him as well. Charlo and Jose Sr. will meet in the co-feature on Showtime pay-per-view. The event begins at 8:00 p.m. ET. At the Michelob Ultra Arena in Las Vegas.

It’s got to be a letdown for Jermall to be fighting this level of opponent rather than one of the top middleweights because this is a no-win type of fight.

If Jermall destroys Benavidez Jr, fans won’t give him credit because he’s fought at welterweight most of his career. Moreover, last year, Benavidez Jr. lost to Danny Garcia, who is not the fighter he once was.

Charlo (32-0, 22 KOs) uses the smaller, weaker & less accomplished Benavidez (28-2-1, 19 KOs) brother as a tune-up opponent to get the ring rust after an extended layoff.

During today’s virtual press conference, Jermell labeled Benavidez Jr. as a “scrub” who has lost on the only two times he stepped up against quality opposition during his thirteen-year professional career.

Benavidez Jr. is getting the fight due to his popular brother. Jermall could have fought anyone in the 160 or 168-lb division that would help him prepare for the top guys better than Benavidez Jr.

Jermall Charlo: “I’m back, Jose. I’m back on your a**, boy.”

Jose Benavidez Jr: “You’ve never been on my a**.”

Jernall Charlo: “Exactly. I don’t even know you.”

Benavidez Jr: “You know who the f**k I am.”

Jermall: “I’m going to show you. I’m going to show you all that s**t you talking.”

Benavidez Jr: “I back my s**t up.”

Brian Custer: “Jose, in the main event, your brother [David Benavidez] and [Demetrius] Andrade. Who wins that fight and why? Obviously, it’s your brother, but tell us why you believe your brother is going to win that fight.”

Benavidez Jr: “Nobody beats my brother at 168. He’s big, super strong, fast at that weight and dedicated. We’re dedicated. We make a good team, and we’ve been training extra hard. My brother is ‘The Mexican Monster,’ and I don’t see him losing at 168.”

Custer: “Jermall, the same question. Who wins in the main event, and in your opinion, is that one of the guys that you would like to fight in the future?”

Jermall: “I’m going to beat both of their a**. I’m going beat him, and his brother’s a**. Charlo is going to stick forever in your bloodline. Watch. I’m going to beat your brother’s a**. Shut up. Don’t worry about my mental health.”

Benavidez Jr. “Don’t bring that bull s**t up. Don’t bring those excuses.”

Jermall: “I’m not. I learned how to deal with my s**t.”

Benavidez Jr: “You’re making excuses like a girl.”

Jermall: “You can’t walk that same beat no more after they popped [shot] your a**.”

Benavidez Jr: “I’m still walking, I’m still fighting. I’m not making excuses, am I? You’re crying in every video on Instagram. Shut the f**k up. You’re a clown.”

Jermall: “You’re lucky you got another chance. You can’t even use that leg [that Benavidez Jr. suffered a gunshot wound in 2016]. You’re going to need that leg.

“You ain’t going to beat nobody. Every time you got to the top level, you lost. You lose at the top level. You ain’t your brother. Stop trying to be your brother.”

Benavidez Jr: “At least my brother can fight.”

Jermall: “You can’t even walk on the same block. You ain’t even living out there no more.”

Benavidez Jr: “What block are you talking about? The La La land block? The mental illness block.”

Jermall: “They popped your a**, and you ran, goofy. You in a whole another state.”

Benavidez Jr: “I got shot, but I’m still fighting. I’m not making excuses. I’m not, ‘I don’t feel good.”

Jermall: “They popped you’re stupid a**. You’re out there, b***ch. You thought you was tough.”

Benavidez Jr: “Dirty a**, nappy a** hair.”

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