Jaron ’Boots’ Ennis: the next welterweight champion?

It’s a rare privilege for boxing fans to witness a great talent explode and take over the boxing world. Jaron ’Boots’ Ennis seems to have it all: skill, power, confidence, and style that attracts both casual and hardcore fans.

With a solid team led by his father, Derek ”Bozy” Ennis, Jaron’s future looks bright. So, there is only one question out there: how does he fare against the top welterweights of this generation?

Fighting style

With 5f 10in frame and a 74 in reach, Jaron is above most of his opponents. He has power in both hands, and this is by far his most dangerous weapon, but not the only one. Counterpunching is very important part of his game.

If we look at the Thomas Dulorme or Sergey Lipinets fights, it’s easy to see how good of a counterpuncher Ennis really is. One of his abilities that is sometimes overlooked is footwork.

Boots gets in and out easily, outmaneuvering opponents and setting up big power punches. He is also a lefty, which makes him even more awkward.

What’s next?

Ennis is already the current IBF interim champion with 31-0. No matter how great his record looks, he still has to face a top-level opponent. Vergil Ortiz, Eimantas Stanionis, and Mario Barrios are some of the names that every boxing fan wants to see in the ring with Jaron.

Unfortunately, this is unlikely to happen. The first obstacle is governing bodies and their rankings. Stanionis is the WBA champion (Crawford is a Super champion), and Barrios is the WBC interim champion.

To make matters even more complicated, every governing body has a different fighter as the number one contender. Besides that, fights like this are very risky. Fighters don’t want to be defeated and lose their momentum. Whatever happens, we can definitely expect some fireworks in the welterweight division.

Can he beat Crawford?

This is the biggest question right now. From all the current welterweights, Ennis has the right tools to do it. But is it enough to defeat a fighter like Crawford?

Terence proved himself to be one of the best boxers in the world right now. He performs great under pressure and has vast experience. This could be a big factor if they ever fight. Bud is also quick enough and skillful enough to stay outside and outpoint Ennis with his jab and straight rights.

Judging from his last bout when he destroyed Spence, Crawford outpoints and defeats Ennis in a competitive fight. If Bud chooses to go to 154 and face another champion or simply retires, Ennis should become the next face of the welterweight division.

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