Boxing results: Steve Claggett and Madueno!

By Ken Hissner - 11/14/2023 - Comments

NABF Super Lightweight champion Steve ‘The Dragon’ Claggett, in an all-action fight, defeated Miguel ‘Explosivo’ Madueno for the WBO International title in the main event on Tuesday night at the Montreal Casino, Montreal, Quebec, Canada.

(Photo credit: Eye of The Tiger)

In the Co-feature, Steven ‘Bang Bang’ Butler stopped Ivan ‘Zurdo’ Alvarez in nine solid rounds.

In the main event, NABF Super Light champ Steve ‘The Dragon’ Claggett, 37-7-2 (25), in a war defeated Miguel ‘Explosivo’ Madueno, 30-2 (28) over ten rounds for the WBO International title.

In the first two rounds, it was a war, with Madueno having a slight edge in the first round being the bigger of the two; he was punching down on the oncoming Claggett, who came back well, taking the second with his inside body punching.

In the third round, it was non-stop action in another close round, with Claggett pulling it out.

In the fourth round, the taller Madueno punches down, while the shorter Claggett punches up with uppercuts, taking a close round. In the fifth round, the action continued with neither fighter thinking defense, just throwing bombs.

In the sixth round, Claggett got under some of the longer-armed punches Madueno was throwing and countering well with uppercuts.

In the seventh round, the pace of the fight didn’t slow down, giving the fans their money’s worth with non-stop punching from both. In the eighth round, Madueno started using his jab to set up his right hands.

In the ninth round, it was more rock em’ sock em’ from both, as Madueno knows he needs a knockout at this stage of the fight. He was throwing bombs but getting out-landed by Claggett, whose fans are yelling his name.

In the tenth and final round, there wasn’t one clinch in the entire fight, with both throwing punch after punch.

Referee Alain Villeneuve had an easy night with scores 99-91 twice and 98-92, as did KH.

In the co-feature, middleweight Steven ‘Bang Bang’ Butler, 33-4-1 (27), stopped Ivan‘ Zurdo’ Alvarez, 32-15-4 (21) at 2:36 of the ninth round of a scheduled ten rounds, scoring a pair of knockdowns in an action-packed fight.

In the third round, Butler rocked Alvarez with a left hook on the chin. The fight got dirty for both as referee Yvon Goulet warned both. In the fourth round, referee Goulet took a point from Alvarez for hitting behind the head. Butler hit Alvarez after the bell.

In the fifth round, Butler showed he was the heavier hitter and then, in the final minute, showed his defensive skills, avoiding everything Alvarez threw at him until the final seconds when he landed a combination to the head of Alvarez.

In the sixth round, urged by his new trainer, Jon ‘Ice’ Scully, Butler opened up more offensively in a close round. In the seventh and eighth rounds, Alvarez picked up the pace with uppercuts, closing the distance and making the fight almost even.

In the ninth round, close to the end of a minute, Butler dropped Alvarez with a flurry of punches for an 8-count. Alvarez came back well until the final thirty seconds when a Butler right uppercut on the chin and down went Alvarez again. Upon rising, referee Goulet waved it off.

Light heavy Olympic bronze medalist Russian Imam Khataev, 5-0 (5), stopped Fernando ‘Rojo’Galvan, 8-9-1(2) at 0:44 of the second round of a scheduled eight rounds.

In the second round, Khataev overwhelmed Galvan with a flurry of punches, dropping him and causing referee Martin Forest to call a halt.

Light heavy Mehmet Unal, 7-0 (6), stopped Jaime Hernandez Lopez, 10-11 (4), at the end of two rounds of a scheduled eight rounds.

Super middle Wilkins Mathieu, 5-0 (3) defeated Grzegorz Mardyla, 1-1-1 (1) over six rounds.

All scores were 60-54.