John Fury uses Fury-Ngannou final press conference to set-up Mike Tyson fight

By Boxing News - 10/26/2023 - Comments

By Jake Tiernan: Tyson Fury’s 59-year-old father John Fury hijacked his son’s final press conference today for his fight with Francis Ngannou, trying to encourage former heavyweight champion Mike Tyson to face him next.

Sadly, a fight between John Fury & Mike Tyson would probably sell, and make both guys money, as it would be right down the alley of the YouTube stuff that boxing fans have paying to watch. Still, it would be a black eye to the sport if that match-up occurred.

The 57-year-old ‘Iron’ Mike opted to take the high road, ignoring the call out from John Fury (8-4-1, 1 KO), who was a mediocre boxer during his career.

Recently, John Fury has been pushing for a fight with Mike Tyson, calling him out, hoping to lure him into the ring, but he’s ignored him, perhaps knowing that would taint his legacy.

If Mike were to come back to make some coin for an exhibition match, he could find better options against former world champions instead of an old fat guy with a career record of 8-4.

Moving forward, Tyson Fury should leave John out of his future press conferences if he’s going to be using the events to try to set up fights for himself against opposing members of his opponent’s teams.

It will be a bad look if John starts calling out Oleksandr Usyk’s manager, Alex Krassyuk, when they fight in December or Anthony Joshua’s new trainer, Derrick James, when/if they battle in 2024.

These press conferences are supposed to be for Fury and his opponents, not for John to use to wheel & deal an exhibition fight to make some money.

John Fury: “Give me a special mention, the man who bred him, John Fury. He fears no man on earth,” said John during today’s final press conference. “No matter what they’ve done, no matter what their accolades. John Fury only fears one person, and it’s not of this world. Any man alive want to fight John Fury?

“I’m here, ready to go. Mike Tyson, what have you got to say about that, my brother?”

Mike Tyson: “I’m just looking forward to this fight to star. First, when this [Fury vs. Francis Ngannou] first came me, I said, ‘There’s no way this is going to happen,’ and then I watched him spar. Listen, [Errol] Spence was there too. He hit this guy, and not only did he hit him, but he broke his leg when he went down. I said, ‘There’s a possibility something could happen here.”

John Fury: “Let me tell you, my brother. The world is going to see what happens to your man [Ngannou]. Your man will get his head boxed off and stomped out. Don’t you worry about that, and if I’m wrong, me and you will fight straight after.”

Mike Tyson: “Yeah!”

John Fury: “Yeah, me and big Mike. Me & you will fight. Get on there, my brother.”

The last time John Fury fought was in 1995 when he was knocked out in the fourth round by a fighter named Steve Garber (19-23-1).

Mike Tyson: “And the new heavyweight champion of the world.”

John Fury: “Tyson Fury, the man of all men. A man that can’t be beat. My son. Ngannou couldn’t beat me, Mike, and I’m useless.”

Francis Ngannou: “Maybe not you, but your son.”

John Fury: “I’m ready to go right now, my brother. Take your glasses off so I can see the fear in your eyes.”

Ngannou: “No, I’m scared of you, but your son, I’ll take him out.”

John Fury: “Apology accepted. You’re man enough to apologize. That was a good look because you’re going to need it, my brother.”

Ngannou: “We all need it.”

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