Heavyweight division needs Deontay Wilder as champion

By Charles Brun: Trainer Malik Scott believes the heavyweight division Deontay Wilder at the world champion to put it in a better spot where it is now, with it being dead with Tyson Fury & Oleksandr Usyk holding the belts and looking boring.

Fury’s three-year reign as WBC champion has been a massive disappointment, with him driving division into the pavement, milking his title for all it’s worth, with soft fights against low-level British journeymen, DereckChisora & Dillian Whyte, while steering a wide berth around facing the guys people want to see him face.

What really takes the cake is Fury being allowed to put his WBC title in a deep freeze while he takes a ten round circus fight against non-boxer Francis Ngannou on October 28th in Saudi Arabia.

Instead of the World Boxing Council doing the reasonable thing by stripping Fury of his WBC title to give talented, ambitious go-getters like Deontay & Arslanbek Makhmudov to battle for the belt, the sanctioning body is allowing Tyson to get a payday while the contenders sit on the sidelines, aging.

“Absolutely, it’d be a lot more electrifying and entertaining. When he fights, people are on the edge of their seats. There’s never been a heavyweight with his type of power. He’s dynamic, he’s fast, he has character. These other guys are just corny; they’re corny individuals,” said Malik Scott to talkSport on social media.

How pathetically sad. If this isn’t a sign that all the sanctioning bodies need to be replaced by one organization that efficiently runs the sport, I don’t know what.

Boxing needs to get a big broom and clean up this mess and so that the contenders get their shot and champions that milk their titles, like Fury, are eradicated, swept into the dustbin of history, and forgotten like a bad dream.

Fury has already made it clear about his intentions to fight Ngannou or Jon Jones in the cage next in a crossover match. The fact that Fury has already made it known that he’s not going to be defending his WBC title next, he needs to be stripped of his belt.

He shouldn’t be allowed to hold onto his WBC title and use it for promotional purposes to use it as a marketing prop to sell his crossover fights.

With the WBC belt stripped from Fury, Wilder can then face either Anthony Joshua or Makhmudov for the vacant title. Either of those fights would be huge, and the winner would bring badly needed excitement back to the heavyweight division.

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