Lubin vs Ramos Fight Results: Controversy Surrounds Lubin’s Victory Over Ramos Jr.

By Timothy Smith: The fight between Erickson Lubin and Jesus Ramos Jr. has left the boxing community split down the middle. While the cards reflected a unanimous decision in Lubin’s favor, there’s a vocal corner of boxing fans who believe Ramos might’ve been, dare we say, cheated?

Lubin’s win was no walk in the park; it took strategy and resilience. He said, “Our aim was simple: feel out Ramos, box him, and counter with precision. It was ‘Boxing 101’ at its finest.” But for anyone who watched with an unbiased eye, wasn’t Ramos’s performance a bit more..better?

Yes, Lubin had some good jabs. But let’s crunch some numbers: Ramos landed a massive 145 punches to Lubin’s 92. It’s a difference that can’t be overlooked, especially in a sport where every punch counts. Despite this, the judges seemed swayed by Lubin’s defense more than Ramos’s offense. Makes one wonder, doesn’t it?

Ramos, the respectable sportsman that he is, said, “I felt I delivered more, but kudos to Lubin. Time for me to restrategize.” But between you and me, the undertone of disappointment was hard to miss. Was he being polite, or was he hinting at a sense of injustice?

Of course, boxing has always been subjective – what one judge sees as defensive skill, another might see as passivity. But in a fight where one boxer clearly out-punches the other, it’s a hard pill to swallow when the results don’t reflect that effort.

Lubin’s post-fight ambitions were clear: he’s gunning for the championship belts. And while he undeniably has talent, this recent win might always have an asterisk next to it for some fans. Was it a genuine win, or was it the product of behind-the-scenes politics?

In the ever-controversial world of boxing, this won’t be the last time we’re left scratching our heads. But for now, Ramos’s fans can’t help but feel their fighter was dealt a raw deal. As always, the ring tells one story, but the whispers outside of it tell another. Keep those gloves up folks – the drama never ends!

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