Boxing Results: Caroline Dubois Dominates Rodriguez

Emerging swiftly through the professional boxing scene, Caroline Dubois has won the IBO World Lightweight Championship title in merely her eighth pro fight, following a relentless ten-round bout against the resilient and skillful Mexican boxer, Magali Rodriguez.

Crowned the unanimous victor at the venerable York Hall, Bethnal Green, Dubois overcame her opponent with dominant scores of 98-89, 97-90, 99-88, and the gripping battle was broadcast live on Sky Sports Action and Sky Sports Main Event.

From the third round, Dubois began to find her stride, dealing substantial blows to Rodriguez’s body. These strategically placed shots compelled Rodriguez to shield her body and head, consequently creating more avenues for Dubois to unleash a series of successful punches.

The fight reached a critical point in the sixth round, when a flawless one-two combination from Dubois paved the way for a crushing right hook, leading to Rodriguez’s jaw meeting the canvas.

A powerful right hand in the ninth round nearly marked the end for Rodriguez, leaving her barely clinging to consciousness, on the verge of a knockout. Dubois came close to concluding the fight several times throughout this round, but Rodriguez, showcasing her resilience, fought back relentlessly, landing a series of respectable shots.

Speaking to Sky Sports post-fight, a victorious Dubois reflected, “Rodriguez was all guns blazing from the get-go. Even after taking her down, she was relentless; exactly the challenge I needed. It was a landmark performance for my career, but I have so much more in me. A knockout was the goal, no secret there. I’m only 22. Just imagine the fiery bouts when I’m 25, 26. There’s a promise – the knockouts are coming!”

Ben Shalom, the founder and CEO of BOXXER, shared his thoughts on Dubois’s significant victory, stating to Sky Sports, “Caroline’s performance was nothing short of spectacular. How Rodriguez managed to rise in the 9th is beyond me. The lightweight division has seen its share of stagnation. Katie Taylor has shone as the women’s boxing star, but it’s Caroline Dubois who’s stealing the limelight now. And I anticipate the major sanctioning bodies acknowledging her exceptional skills shortly.”

Riley Topples Quarless in a Clean Sweep:

Viddal Riley now flaunts a clean 10-win streak, with zero losses, after confidently conquering Nathan Quarless and securing the English Championship title. Many had bet on Quarless as a significant hurdle for Riley, but oh boy, did Riley prove them wrong. The new champ showcased a masterful fight, combining finesse with raw power, leaving no round to Quarless.

Riley’s strategy throughout the fight was impeccable. He exhibited a silky smooth boxing rhythm, each punch thoughtfully thrown, every aggressive move calculated, ensuring no wasted energy on wild swings.

While the English Championship title sits pretty with him, British Championships could soon follow. One thing’s for sure, Riley is not the one to back down; whoever he chooses for his next fight is in for a tough time.

Post-fight, an ecstatic Riley shared with Sky Sports, “I now feel validated. Immense thanks to my entire crew, and a special shoutout to my dad. He always believed I could reach this pinnacle, and look where we are! Over the moon!”

Ben Shalom, the brains behind BOXXER, weighed in, commenting on Sky Sports, “Riley’s growth pace is phenomenal. I’m sure he’s already got his sights set on the victor of the Chamberlain vs. Lawal bout on October 21st. In our roster, he’s undeniably the most talented and easily the best mover in the division. And trust me, that’s saying something!”

Macedo Triumphs Over TKV: An Abrupt End in Round 6

The atmosphere was tense as Igor Macedo and Jeamie TKV stepped into the ring. However, a grisly cut above Jeamie TKV’s eye cut their electrifying heavyweight fight short. Macedo, the relentless Brazilian, was a tad too challenging for the undefeated Jeamie TKV to handle, claiming a well-deserved victory.

The fight saw both heavyweights locked in an intense dance, trading blows, each trying to outdo the other, a true test of talent and grit. Neither was ready to give the other an inch, making it an absolute treat for the viewers.

Losing an undefeated record is heartbreaking. Having it snatched away due to a doctor’s decision? That’s salt to the wound. But if we’re to look for a silver lining, TKV gained invaluable experience from those five and a half rounds. Both fighters showcased heart, resilience, and sheer determination. Their future in the ring might be unpredictable, but their undying spirit? That’s a sure bet.

A beaming Macedo later shared with Sky Sports, “TKV is undoubtedly a tough opponent, but his record – 5 fights, 3 KOs, felt a tad disrespectful given my 11-win, 11-KO streak. A rematch, perhaps? Let’s see!”

Full Card Results:

Caroline Dubois Def. Magali Rodriguez – UD (98-89, 97-90, 99-88)

Viddal Riley Def. Nathan Quarless – UD (100-90, 100-90, 100-90)

Igor Macedo Def. Jeamie TKV – TKO Rd 6 (1:11)

Callum Simpson Def. Jose Macias – UD (100-89, 100-89, 100-89)

Francesca Hennessy Def. Sonia Klos – TKO Rd 4 (3:00)

Stephen McKenna Def. Darren Tetley – RTD Rd 6 (3:00)