Boxing results: Jared ‘Big Baby’ Anderson Stops Andrii Rudenko!

By Boxing News - 08/27/2023 - Comments

By Ken Hissner: At Hard Rock Hotel & Casino, Tulsa, Oklahoma, Saturday over ESPN+and ESPN promoter Bob Arum (Top Rank) presented in the Main Event Heavyweight Jared ‘Big Baby’ Anderson of Toledo, Ohio stopped Ukraine’s Andrii Rudenko in five rounds of a mismatch.

In the Main Event Heavyweight WBO International champion Jared ‘Big Baby’ Anderson, 16-0 (15), #239.6, of Toledo, OH, stopped Andrii Rudenko, 35-7 (21), #244.3, of Dnipro, UKR, at 1:40 of the fifth round of a 10.

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In the first three rounds, it was a mismatch as the 39-year-old Rudenko was on the defense doing much holding. In the fourth round, Referee Gary Ritter took away a point. In the fifth round, Anderson landed close to twenty punches while Referee Ritter stood by before finally calling a halt.

Heavyweight Efe Ajagba, 18-1 (13), #236.5, of Ughelli, NIG, Stafford, TX, won by DQ over southpaw Zhan Kossobutskiy, 19-1 (18), #234.4, of Kostanay, KAZ, at 0:33 of the fourth round of a 10.

In the first round, Ajagba seemed to control until the final seconds when Kossobutskiy landed several lefts from his southpaw stance to the chin of Ajagba, followed by a right.

In the second round’s final seconds, both hit the canvas. Upon rising, Ajagba had Kossobutskiy in trouble, having him against the ropes at the bell.

In the third round, Kossobutskiy landed a pair of low blows, and as the referee Chris Suarez, got between them, Ajagba was pushed to the canvas. A point was deducted.

When they continued, Kossobutskiy again landed a low punch, losing another point. Seconds later, it was Ajagba landing a low blow and receiving a warning. Another warning to Kossobutskiy in the final seconds was given. Ajagba went after him, landing a barrage of punches, driving Kossobutskiy to the ropes at the bell.

In the fourth round, while in a clinch, Kossobutskiy landed a low left on purpose, causing the referee to “finally” call a halt! What was he waiting for?

Featherweight Bruce ‘Shu Shu’ Carrington, 9-0 (5), #126.7, of Brownville Brooklyn, NY, defeated Angel ‘Cachorro’ Antonio Contreras, 15-7-2 (9), #126.8, of Monterrey, MEX, over eight rounds.

In the first four rounds, Carrington showed his boxing ability, landing some punches half a dozen at a time. In between rounds, Carrington looks half exhausted, but when the bell rings, he suddenly comes alive.

From the fifth through the seventh rounds, Carrington stayed one step ahead of Contreras, using an effective jab and going to the body on occasions. In the eighth and final round, Carrington landed a right to the head followed by a right uppercut to the chin against the durable Contreras from the opening bell to the final bell he dominated. The referee was Gary Ritter.

Scores were 79-73 twice and 80-72, as did KH.

Super Featherweight 2016 Olympian Charly ‘King’s Warrior’ Suarez, 16-0 (9), #130.6, of Manila, PH, defeated Yohan ‘La Fiera’ Vasquez, 25-4 (20), #129.6, of Santiago de los Caballeros, DR, and Stroudsburg, PA, over ten good rounds.

In the first two rounds, Suarez, a member of the Filipino Army, dominated by countering the incoming Vasquez, ending the second round with an overhand left from southpaw.

In the third round, Vasquez came out throwing punches in bunches for the first minute until Suarez turned southpaw and took over from there to the end of the round.

In the fourth round, Suarez rocked Vasquez with a left on the chin at the end of the first minute. With a minute remaining, Suarez rocked Vasquez with a left on the chin, both from the southpaw stance. For some reason, he returns to orthodox, not doing as well.

In the fifth round, with less than a minute remaining losing the round, Vasquez landed an overhand right on the chin, rocking Suarez, but failed to follow up.

In the sixth round, Vasquez dominated, bringing blood from the nose of Suarez. In the seventh and eighth rounds, Vasquez continued doing well as Suarez seemed to be slowing down a bit, though he rallied in the final seconds of the seventh round.

In the ninth round, Suarez came back well first at southpaw and even at orthodox, stopping the offense of Vasquez the past three rounds. In the tenth and final round, knowing he needed a knockout, Vasquez was swinging wildly but being countered by Suarez for the most part.

Vasquez was the bigger man, but Suarez was the quicker of hand and foot. Referee Gerald Ritter did a fine job.

Scores were 98-92 twice and 97-93, as did KH.

Middleweight Nico Ali Walsh, 8-1-1nc (5), #159.1, of Las Vegas, NV, lost by majority decision to Sona ‘Slink Proper’ Akale, 7-1 (4), #157.9, of St. Paul, MN, over six competitive rounds.

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In the first round, it was back and forth who was in control in a close round to judge. In the second round, Akale continued coming in with his head throwing overhand rights that Walsh would counter while against the ropes.

In the third round’s final minute, Akale landed an overhand right to the chin of Walsh, who countered with a left hook to the chin of Akale.

In the fourth round’s final minute, a left hook from Walsh on the chin of Akale buckled his knees, making him hold onto Walsh.

In the final seconds, it was Akale landing punches at the bell. In the fifth round, the taller Walsh, staying too upright, gets caught with overhand rights from Akale.

Halfway through the round, a lead right from Walsh on the chin knocked out the mouthpiece of Akale.

In the sixth and final round, the 23-year-old Walsh did well in the middle of the ring, but when allowing the 35-year-old Akale to push him to the ropes, the latter did well in a close fight to judge. The referee was Gerald Ritter.

Scores were 57-57 and 58-56 twice with 57-57 KH.

Heavyweight 2020 Olympic Gold Medalist Bakhodir ‘The Big Uzbek’ Jalolov, 13-0 (13), #253.6, of Sariosiyo, UZB, Brooklyn, NY, knocked out Onoriode ‘Godzilla – The Secret’ Ehwarieme, 20-3 (19), #224.9, of Warri, NIG, at 2:06 of the first round of an 8 dropping him three times.

Welterweight southpaw 2016 Olympian Ablaikhan Zhusspupov, 4-0 (3), #149.7, of Karaganda, KAZ, stopped southpaw Wiston ‘El Zurdo’ Campos, 33-12-6 (19), #149.8, of Mangua, NIC, and Boston, Mass., at 2:52 of the fifth round of an 8.

In the first two rounds, with both boxers being southpaws, Zhusspupov has a reported 83-17 amateur record and was the aggressor outworking Campos. In the third round, Zhusspupov had Campos against the ropes for the most part.

In the final seconds of the round, Zhusspupov dropped Campos with half a dozen punches and a shove at the end to the canvas for only the second time in the career of Campos; after an 8-count, the bell sounded.

In the fourth round’s final seconds, bleeding from the mouth and left eye near closing the corner of Campos threw in the towel, causing Referee Chris Suarez to call a halt.

Heavyweight Jeremiah ‘DreamLand’ Milton, 11-0 (7), #254.4, of Tulsa, OK, defeated Craig Lewis, 15-7-1 (8), #260.4, of Detroit, MI, over eight sloppy rounds.

In a good first round, Milton had the edge, but Lewis was in it for the most part. In the second and third rounds, Milton continued out-working with Lewis.

In the fifth round, Milton threw a left to the body that was partially blocked off the arm of Lewis while Referee Chris Saurez called it a low blow, giving Lewis five minutes to recover.

In the eighth and final round, Milton came out and knocked out the mouthpiece of Lewis with a right to the chin. In the final seconds, Lewis fell to the canvas without being punched, and the referee should have called a halt but failed to do so.

Scores were 80-72 and 80-71 twice and 80-72 KH.

Lightweight 19-year-old prospect southpaw Abdullah Mason, 10-0 (8), #134.9, of Cleveland, OH, defeated Cesar ‘El Cafetero’ Villarraga, 10-8-1 (5), #134.7, of Bogota, COL, six rounds.

In the first three rounds, Mason dominated Villarraga. In the fourth Villarraga fought back well but not enough to win the round.

In the sixth and final rounds, in the final forty seconds, a lead left from southpaw Mason rocked Villarraga on the chin, stunning him momentarily. The referee was Gary Ritter.

All scores were 60-54, as did KH.