Jermall Charlo sounding unwell, says he gave Jermell the Canelo fight

By Sean Jones: A badly slurring Jermall Charlo took to social media today, talking about how he’s letting his twin brother Jermell fight Canelo Alvarez first before him, so they both can get money.

Jermall doesn’t sound like he’s altogether cogent right now to be fighting anybody like Canelo or someone from his own division.

Canelo and PBC might want to think carefully before using Jermall because he doesn’t sound well right now, and it’s unclear whether the problems he’s dealing with are going to be taken care of by next year.

If this is all about making money and not about sporting value, then by all means, throw Jermall in with Canelo, and it’ll bring in revenue. Canelo should destroy this version of Jermall because he looks null & void.

In the video, Jermall’s speech sounded slurred, and he didn’t look alert. If it was just slurring, that would be one thing, but he had a dazed look to him.

It’s unknown what is going on with him, but he sounds like he’s not ready to be fighting anybody, least of all undisputed super middleweight champion Canelo.

It would be wise for Premier Boxing Champions to bring Jermall back slowly, putting him in with second-tier opposition to see how he does before matching him against a world-class fighter like Canelo.

“All right, so I’m going to tell y’all the real s**t.  Yeah, I signed the contract with Canelo too. I gave it to my brother first, so we both make money,” said Jermall Charlo on social media.  Is y’all crazy? We both going to make money, but if I can give it to my brother first until, I guess, get right because they so-called I gotta get right.”

“I got get right. I ain’t tripping, but as long as I get a fight with [Canelo]. “Y’all want some psychedelics? Y’all mad at me because I gave the fight to my brother? Let my brother fight. My brother got to go up two weight classes,” said Jermall.

What is Jermall referring to when he asks somebody if they want psychedelics? In the 1970s, that was a term used for LSD, aka Acid. Is that what Jermall was talking about here?

Moving forward, Canelo will have to decide if he wants to take the risk of trying to fight Jermall because, with the way he’s looking, he might not make it through training camp without pulling out or something happening with him.

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