Jared Anderson to fight next on August 26 against Zhan Kossobutskiy

By Brian Webber:  Top Rank promoter Bob Arum revealed to ESPN on Saturday night that heavyweight Jared Anderson (15-0, 14 KOs) will return on August 26th to fight on that card in a rescheduled bout against Zhan Kossobutskiy.

Arum has no choice but to move the 23-year-old Anderson more quickly than he would have liked because he says he will retire in four years at age 27.

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Last Saturday night, Anderson defeated veteran Charle Martin (29-4-1, 26 KOs) by a ten round unanimous decision. Anderson was hurt in rounds five and ten.

After the contest, you could tell that Anderson’s confidence had been dented by the tough time he’d been given by the 37-year-old Martin, who was brought on twelve days’ notice. The swagger was gone from Anderson after the fight.

The way Anderson looked after the fight, he’s beginning to suspect that he’s not the talent he initially believed himself to be in the contest.

Anderson won the fight by the scores 98-91, 99-90, and 99-0, but he looked far from invincible.

If Jared was destined to win a heavyweight world title, he should have blasted out Charles Martin, but he didn’t, and that says a lot about his dim future.

43-year-old Luis Ortiz knocked out Martin in six rounds last year, and that guy is well past his prime but still a better fighter than Anderson

Jared Anderson fights like a middleweight

“All the things that could distract him, he handled that like a real veteran,” said Bernardo Osuno to the State of Boxing, talking about Jared Anderson after his win over Charles Martin.

“What I take away from what Charles Martin said is he fights like a middleweight in a heavyweight body. That’s the way he’s been described by other people.”

“One thing I can say about Charles Martin is, he did not fight like a twelve-day replacement, and he was in shape, and he tested Jared,” said Mark Kriegel.  “I think tactically, he gave away a little too much in the beginning.

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“It was interesting to see Jared, who is considerably smaller, and this is going to trail him all the way to the top.  He gave away so much territory early in the fight. You could see that a lot.”

“I’m going to go back to the temperament, personality, and mindset of Jared Anderson. The sport needs more guys like him to continue to give us an education that fighters don’t have to be one way,” said Andre Ward.

“We have a mindset about how fighters are supposed to promote and this and that. You can get around his story and relate to his story. He’s personable when you speak to him. He’s got a mega-watt smile.

“We got to allow guys to be who they’re going to be and evolve into whoever they’re going to evolve and just go a long with the ride instead of putting these roadblocks.’No, he’s not this; he’s not that.’

“For everything we say he’s not, he’s a lot more if we open up our eyes and see. His hometown is behind him, the heavyweight division has been put on notice, and as he stays focused, he’ll be here for a long time, and the last thing is this.

Anderson not ready for top four competition

“Mark my words. You’re going to continue to see guys retire earlier and earlier and earlier. Boxing is amazing. It gets us out of a lot of situations and gives us a King’s ransom to do things that we’ve done since we were kids, but it ain’t just about this. That sounds strange to people, but look forward to that because it’s going to continue to happen,” said Ward.

“Is he ready for a top three or top four?” said Mark Kriegel about Jared Anderson.

“No, not yet,” said Tim Bradley.

“Not until he corrects the [flaws],” said Bernardo Osuna.

“In the past, I would have said that he was ready for Joshua, but after seeing his performance tonight and seeing the punches that he was getting hit with as he was pulling straight back,” said Bradley about Anderson.

“That’s a cardinal sin, and I’ve been stressing this with Jared, and he kind of blows me off. ‘I’m athletic. I know what I’m doing.’ He has to fix that because if he doesn’t fix that, a big tall, long, rangy guy that can extend with that arm, that left hand or right hand is going to land, and it’s going to hurt him,” said Bradley.

“I think he beats Joshua,” said Kriegel about Jared.

“Let’s look at this graphic that sets the landscape at the heavyweight division because it’s not just an abstract thought,” said Osuna. “If Tyson Fury and Oleksandr Usyk are the elite.

“Then we have Joe Joyce, Joseph Parker, a former champion, Andy Ruiz, a former champion Otto Wallin, who gave Fury all he could handle, Dillian Whyte, Deontay Wilder, a former champion, Zhilei Zhang, who is coming off a huge upset of Joe Joyce.

“Then Jared Anderson is in the next generation with Ajagba. Do you move him [Anderson] into the contender column?”

“Yes, he’s a contender,”  said Bradley.

“Even though you have your questions about him being able to beat Anthony Joshua. Coming into this fight, do you think he competes with the Zhang and the Wilders of the world?” said Osuna about Anderson.

“I would say, I like the Dillian Whyte, I like the Otto Wallin,” said Bradley.

“So you like the lower level?” said Osuna.

“Lower level,” said Bradley on where he would put Jared. “Let’s start at the lower level.

“I’m not saying he’s not ready,” said Andre Ward about his view of Jared Anderson. “I’m just going to pose a question. Why? I think he can beat any of those guys, but why rush him? Why risk it?”

“Because he only has four years, Andre,” said Bradley on why Anderson needs to be moved quickly because he’s talking about wanting to retire in four years.

“Fair point, but here’s a thing, though,” said Ward. “You can give him another year of seasoning, and he can have an amazing three years that can change his life.”

“Facts,” said Bradley. “That’s what I’m saying.

“In the heavyweight division, he can have one year, twelve months that financially can change his life. One fight, so there’s no need to rush him just yet,” said Ward about Anderson.

Jared to fight on August 26th

“I asked Bob [Arum] off camera, ‘What’s the plan for Jared? What’s next? Because Jared didn’t give me any names in the ring,” said Christina Poncher. “‘We’re looking at keeping him busy, first & foremost.

“‘We’re looking at putting him on the August 29th, Tulsa card against the original opponent that he was supposed to fight tonight with Zhan Kossobutskiy, who is 19-0 with 18 KOs. So they believe the visa issues will be resolved and are involved in time to get him to Tulsa for August 29th.

“So, I  said, ‘Then what? When does he fight someone in the top 10? Do you have a long-term plan for Jared because he sure has an exit plan?’ He said, ‘I’m only looking for top ten guys for Jared next year in 2024.’

“Then I said,  ‘What about a world champion?’ He said, ‘That’s probably coming more in 2025.'” said Poncher.

“Talking about that August 26th card. Someone else who is going to be on that card is Bakhodir Jalolov. The [2020 Olympic] medalist knocked out Richard Torrez, who won a gold medal and made Torrez settle for a silver,” said Mark Kriegel.

“He adds to this mix too, and what you’re seeing is he’s 6’7.” That’s the new prototype. When you look in the ring, the size disparity is pretty extensive.”

“I don’t believe in the big guy,” said Andre Ward about Jalolov.

“All I’m saying is he’s [Anderson] going to have to get more and more used to it,” said Kriegel.”Guys are not only going to get bigger, but they’re also going to get better as well. I don’t think it’s anything that he can’t handle.”