Whyte must take Joshua fight, he won’t get Wilder says Spencer Oliver

By Boxing News - 06/29/2023 - Comments

By Jake Tiernan: Spencer Oliver says Dillian Whyte needs to accept the offer given to him by Anthony Joshua & his promoters for a fight on August 12th because he’s not going to get similar money elsewhere at this late stage of his career.

Whyte (28-3, 19 KOs) has chosen not to accept the offer given to him by Joshua because he’s not happy with a rematch clause being put in the contract.

Dillian has the belief that if he defeats Joshua, he can swap places with him to fight Deontay Wilder in Saudi Arabia in December and get paid huge money.

Oliver says that he’s spoken to Amer Abdulla of Skill Challenge, and he told him that they want Joshua for December, even if he loses his tune-up fight on August 12th.

This means Whyte has no hope of fighting in December because the Saudis don’t want him. They want Joshua.

It’s unclear what gave Whyte the idea that he would have a chance of swapping places with Joshua because his lack of popularity and his recent dismal performances in the last three years makes him a terrible candidate to be chosen by the Saudis for their December card.

Whyte not getting Deontay fight in Saudi

“Anthony Joshua has had a rematch clause in every single fight he’s ever had because of the commercial side of things and what he brings to the table,” said Spencer Oliver to Secondsout about Dillian Whytee not being happy with the rematch clause in the contract that was offered to him for a rematch with Anthony Joshua on August 12th.

“The rematch clause has always been in all the contracts, and you can understand that because they want to protect their investment. Is it right? Is it wrong? I don’t like seeing rematch clauses if they’re not for title fights. I understand that you’re trying to, it’s like insurance, but Anthony Joshua is on a different level.

“He’s the cash cow, the guy that brings the money to the table.
Dillian Whye’s been offered big money for where he is in his career. I think he said he didn’t want the rematch clause. He wants
the opportunity to go and fight if he wins. To go out there and fight with Deontay Wilder out in Saudi Arabia.

“Well, that’s not happening, and I’ll tell you why it’s not happening because I interviewed Amir Abdullah and asked him, ‘What if one of these guys gets beat in one of these warm-up fights? Does that affect what’s going on out there?’ And he said, ‘No, these
are the four heavyweights we want. They’re the four heavyweights we see as the most attractive to out.

“‘If Anthony Joshua went and got beat, we would still want to make the fight with him and  Deontay Wilder. We still think that’s a big sell,'” said Oliver.

Dillian can make good money fighting Joshua

Dillian needs to didn’t take the fight [with Joshua]. If you win, there’s a rematch clause in there, and you’re going to get more money in return,” said Oliver. “So, I think from a business point of view, in the twilight of your career, that’s what I’d like and see him do.

“I like Dillian Whyte, and I think he’s been a great ambassador for the sport, and I want to see him getting well paid, and I think that’s the biggest money fight for him out there right now is Anthony Joshua, and Joshua needs that fight before going in there to Saudi and boxing Deontay Wilder.

“That’s important that Joshua gets out again because the performance we saw against Jermaine Franklin was not enough. We didn’t see him
aggressive enough. We didn’t see him putting his shots together in clusters enough, and we didn’t see phase one or phase two for what he needs.

“He needs that for his own confidence. He lacks confidence in his ability right now, so he needs another fight. So I hope they get that fight off the line for both guys’ sake,” said Spencer.

Joshua needs a confidence-booster

“I know Anthony Joshua wants to fight. He wants to fight again on August 12th, but for the reasons I’ve just stated, he needs to get out again,” Oliver said. “His lack of being active has not been good for him. Against Franklin, he didn’t look particularly good. He got through, but it was frustration from his side.

“He knows that there’s more still to come, and to go into a fight like against Deontay Wilder, you’ve got to be at your best. He’s not there right now. So he needs that confidence builder. Dillian Whyte will bring that out of him because Dillian will bring the heat.

“Joshua wants to fight on August 12th. That is the date that’s penciled in. I don’t know who the opponent is, but I’m hoping he’s Dillian Whyte. I’m hoping Dillian goes, ‘You know what? Let’s take a look at this. There’s enough money.’

“The money he’s going to get from that fight he won’t get anywhere else, I don’t think. If he gets a rematch, if he beats Anthony Joshua, the rematch is worth more surely.

“So it’s business, and I want to see Dillian looked after and also want to see Joshua get that fight before going out there [to Saudi Arabia to fight Deontay],” said Oliver.

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