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Spence vs. Crawford – Is it Really A 50 /50 Fight? (Part 2)

Image: Spence vs. Crawford - Is it Really A 50 /50 Fight? (Part 2)

By Daniel Echevarria: To everyone who read part one, this will be a continuation because I feel like some people need some education on some facts. This fight, in particular, has created so many conversations from both sides.

I always enjoy hearing both sides to get a well-rounded opinion, and then I form my own opinion. Like I said in part one, I totally understand Pride and support, but in my opinion, that doesn’t mean to just disregard your opposition and ignore what they have down, especially if they have achieved certain accolades.

This is my opinion because not respecting a quality opponent is foolish, and you can make mistakes that they can take advantage of. Joshua vs Ruiz 1 is a perfect example of when underestimating a fighter goes terribly wrong where most people never expected Andy Ruiz, an overweight, short fighter, to drop the tall, athletic Champion Anthony Joshua multiple times and ultimately win in the end.

The duration and outcome of that fight were a total SHOCK, but it did happen and is now in the history books. I will once again voice my indignation to the idea that this fight between Spence and Bud Crawford will just be an overwhelming defeat of Crawford I’m sorry, but I just don’t see it.

Let me give some important facts to the casual boxing fans that are present because you are just as important. Listen Up, Terence “Bud” Crawford is not some “push-over” fighter that has made it this far on just luck I mean, the man is NUMBER 1 for a reason think about that. Terence “Bud” Crawford has already competed in different weight classes, 3 to be exact, and he became Champion in all three, so he is a 3X World Champion.

Let me also mention that during his time over the years, he has been able to maintain an UNDEFEATED record in all three divisions.

Lastly, when he moved to the 140pd division, he decided to go after all four belts, and he achieved that, which made him what is called UNDISPUTED, which is what these guys are fighting for currently at 147.

I mention all this to say that Errol Spence is a very good and dangerous fighter, but so is Crawford, and it seems like Crawford is a man on a mission and he continues to achieve, so Spence better have a plan B if his body attack is shut down by blocks or misses.

In part 1 of this article, I said in my opinion, Spence has never fought a guy like this, who has a high ring IQ and who is very athletic, but on the other hand, I feel as though Crawford has. I know nobody is exactly the same, but when it comes to a fighter that Crawford has faced that is strong, comes forward, and throws a lot of punches like Spence, to me, the closest is Shawn Porter, and we all know what happened.

In conclusion, I would like to leave you with some facts you may have forgotten, or you never knew. I want to leave you with these facts because when I personally ask Spence fans what his best win is, they all say Kell Brook because he went in his backyard and took that IBF title, and maybe some of you agree.

In the year 2014, Britain’s undefeated top welterweight Kell Brook defeated America’s IBF Champion Shawn Porter and after that time, he remained undefeated, but he was only making about 1 million dollars per fight.

Kell Brook was such an excellent fighter at the time I thought for sure he would fight Floyd Mayweather, but it never happened, and at the same time, he was being avoided by another Brit fighter Amir Khan.

In 2016 Kell Brook was desperate for a BIG money fight he was convinced to jump up not just one but TWO weight classes ( 147 to 160) for 3.5 million dollars to face the extremely hard-hitting Gennady Golovkin.

I was watching when this announcement came in, and I knew it was a bad idea from the beginning and I totally expected Kell Brooks first loss, and I was correct. I encourage everyone to see how that fight ended because the corner of Brook threw in the towel to actually save him from himself because he was taking so much damage to his face and head that he should have quit because that was not his weight class.

In the following fight, Kell Brook gets 3 million dollars to face another hard hitter but younger with nothing to lose and coming up in Errol Spence. In my opinion, Spence broke Brook because he had already suffered severe damage from the previous fight.

The GGG fight was a HUGE fight where Brook had to fluctuate in weight, ballooning up to 160 pounds from 147 pounds and then back down to face Spence.

These are just the facts ( look it up ), and in my opinion, I believe there were more factors involved for that Kell Brook win for people to label that fight as Spence’s best.

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