Ryan Garcia & Oscar De La Hoya trade insults on Twitter

By Boxing News - 06/02/2023 - Comments

By Adam Baskin: Promoter Oscar De La Hoya and his fighter Ryan Garcia traded criticism on Twitter today stemming from comments from Kingry during an interview in which he complained about being left alone at the post-fight press conference.

What is interesting about the back & forth between the two is that Ryan (24-1, 19 KOs) revealed that he would be fighting Rolando ‘Rolly’ Romero next, which some fans feel is pathetic. That’s a poor choice for Ryan, but it shows where his confidence is at.

Image: Ryan Garcia & Oscar De La Hoya trade insults on Twitter
image: @twitter.com/ESPNRingside

Tired of hearing Ryan still crying over spilled milk, De La Hoya took to social media to let him know that he needs to accept responsibility for his loss with his decision to foolishly agree to Gervonta Davis’ “rehydration clause” for their April 22nd fight.

During De La Hoya’s career, he took responsibility for his losses. He didn’t blame it on his promoter.

Being kind, De La Hoya told than that his loss was because he agreed to the rehydration clause. Of course, the reality is Ryan would have lost that fight even without a rehydration clause.

Ryan was out of his depth going up against a fighter like Tank Davis, and he wasn’t ready for that kind of talent because his opposition up until then had been bottom-feeders in the lightweight division.

Ryan Garcia: “Okay, buddy. You got it all figured out. I’m tired of you disrespecting my whole career, and you think none of it matters. Loyalty and common sense is lost in your head. Stop treating people that way and think they will just accept it.

Ryan Garcia: “You know I’m about to fight this guy [Rolando ‘Rolly’ Romero], and you go act buddy-buddy with him. You don’t care about your fighters. I’m really tired of this fake act!! Stop the CAP. Be real for once, man. I can respect you more if you just told me the truth. You’re in it for the cash. No love lost. Weren’t you just promoting the fake Pac press conference that I already told you I’m not accepting? You really think I’m going to fall for that bull twice?”

Ryan should quit making a federal case about De La Hoya not being at his post-fight press conference and get over it already. It’s not as if Ryan needed De La Hoya to hold his hand. At that point, what was done was done.

De La Hoya would have been a useless third wheel at the post-fight press conference, and he wasn’t needed. The only thing he could have done was give a traditional ‘Mistakes were made‘ type of speech, which wouldn’t have helped.

The crux of the problem was Ryan didn’t belong in the same ring as Tank Davis, as he didn’t have the professional or amateur experience needed to compete with a fighter like that.

Ryan should have fought these killers to prepare for Tank Davis:

Frank Martin
Shakur Stevenson
Isaac Cruz
Raymond Muratalla
Jamaine Ortiz
Vasyl Lomachenko
Keyshawn Davis
Floyd Schofield
William Zepeda

Ryan would have probably lost to all of those guys, but those were the prerequisite opposition he needed to pass to have a chance against of beating Tank Davis.