Benavidez Sr amped up for Munguia fight

By Sam Volz: Jose Benavidez Sr. says Jaime Munguia is a good style match-up for his son David Benavidez and he wants to make that fight happen.

Golden Boy Promotions and PBC would need to figure out the network issues to make the Benavidez vs. Munguia fight happen. Munguia fights on DAZN, and they might not be too happy to have him fighting on Showtime without their involvement.

Golden Boy boss Oscar De La Hoya said this week that he wants to match Munguia (42-0, 33 KOs) up with Benavidez (27-0, 23 KOs) next, but it’s unclear if he was serious.

Oscar could have been just kidding around to mess with Eddie Hearn, who was talking nonstop last weekend about wanting Munguia for his fighter Edgar Berlanga next.

After De La Hoya made it clear on Twitter that Munguia won’t be fighting Berlanga, Hearn said he was going to talk with the DAZN people to rachet up pressure to make that fight happen.

De La Hoya might have been just throwing Benavidez’s name out there to get Hearn to back off. That said, if De La Hoya is seriously interested in matching Munguia against Benavidez, it’s a doable one, and it’ll do excellent business on PPV.

Munguia good style for Benavidez

“He’s a great fighter, Mexican fighter, and he comes forward. You’ve seen his fight [against Sergiy Derevyanchenko]. It was pretty close. I think he was behind on the cards, and then that knockdown helped him a lot,” said Jose Benavidez Sr to Fighthype about Jaime Munguia being a good option for David Benavidez.

“I think that he would fit good for David’s style. He comes forward, he has a good fan base, and we have a good fan base. I think that’s a fight that, if they’re watching, that’s another fight that we’re interested in. We’re ready to fight anybody.

“He’s a great fighter too. We would love to have the opportunity to fight him too. I think he’s young and strong, and that will be a good fight for the fans.

“No, I think it would be an easier fight, to be honest with you, because he comes forward,” said Benavidez Sr when asked if David Morrell Jr will be an easier fight than Munguia.

“Morrell, I think he’s going to try and do what Caleb Plant did a little bit because he has that amateur style. He’s going to try and box David and do all that. Munguia, he comes forward, so that’s a guaranteed action-packed fight.

“If I was training Morrell, I would probably say, ‘Box him. Stay away from the Mexican Monster,’ and I think that’s what he would do. So, I’m already watching his fights to see what he does in cases that fight happens. I’m already studying him, and I’m already seeing what he does in order to be more successful in that fight,” said Jose Sr about Morrell Jr.

Benavidez waiting on Canelo

“Now the fight they’re trying to make is Charlo, but they’re not giving him the kind of money they were going to give him when he was facing David [Benavidez],” said Jose Sr about Canelo Alvarez not getting the same money from PBC for a fight against Jermall Charlo.

“So, I don’t know if he’s going to like that deal or not. When he comes back to DAZN, is there enough money to pay him to fight Berlanga? Who wants to see that fight? We’re the only ones trying to take the minimum to fight this guy [Canelo], and still, he doesn’t want to fight.

“Give him all the money, whatever he wants. David gets paid very well. The same that when we paid Caleb Plant. It doesn’t matter. The minimum. Let him have all the money. We just want the opportunity to make history and to take all the belts away from him,” said Jose Ssr about Canelo.

“That’s bigger than money. I don’t know. He hasn’t been active,” said Benavidez Sr when asked if Edgar Berlanga would be competitive with Canelo. “If he’s focused and disciplined, I could see him winning. He’s young, strong, but he’s got to stay dedicated.

“His [Canelo] thing is he parties a little too much. You can see he gets a little tired. Anything is possible. He’s young, strong. Don’t get m wrong. He’s a good fighter, but discipline, bro,” said Jose Sr.

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