Ryan Garcia training for next fight at 140

By Craig Daly: Ryan Garcia took to social media today to let his supporters know that he’s already back in training for when he begins his campaign at 140.

Ryan stated today that he just finished a “12-mile run,” but that’s not going to help him. If he doesn’t start listening to his coaches and fixing his mistakes, he will fail quickly at 140.

Running isn’t what Ryan needs.  He needs to work on his defense and toughen up his body and chin if possible.

Without Golden Boy feeding Ryan soft, beatable opposition, he’s doomed for failure at 140. They can’t throw Ryan in with the likes of Subriel Matias, Regis Prograis, or Josh Taylor because his punch resistance & defense aren’t good enough for him to hang with those guys right now.

Ryan fired his trainer Joe Goosen after his seventh-round knockout loss to Gervonta Davis on April 22nd.

This is the second coach that The 24-year-old Ryan has bounced in the last two years, and it appears that he doesn’t want to take responsibility for his inability to listen & learn. Goosen said that you don’t coach Ryan. You “collaborate” with him, which is code, for he doesn’t take instructions well.

Many boxing fans believe Ryan quit in the seventh round when he took a knee after getting hit with a body shot from Tank. People aren’t going to believe that Ryan didn’t quit until he puts distance between his knockout and shows that he’s got the toughness in him to endure punishment without taking a knee and letting himself be counted out.

“To all my supporters, the wait will not be long,” said Ryan Garcia on social media, letting his fans know he’s back in training for his move up to 140.

“140, 12 mole run. No less than eight miles every day to start off the day. Every day requires focus. Every day matters. I got to keep it up every day. Tomorrow, I wake up. I don’t know if I’m going to do 12, but I’m going to do 8,” said Ryan Garcia.

There’s a lot of curiosity about who Ryan will hire as his new coach. If he doesn’t respect them, he’s not going to listen, and he’ll do whatever he pleases inside the ring.

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