Rolly Romero calls out Ryan Garcia after controversial win over Barroso

By Boxing News - 05/14/2023 - Comments

By Dan Ambrose: Moments after his ninth round knockout victory over Ismael Barroso (24-4-2, 22 KOs) on Saturday night, the newly crowned WBA light welterweight champion Rolando ‘Rolly’ Romero (15-1, 13 KOs) called out Ryan Garcia, letting him know that he’s offering a free title shot to the popular star.

Rolly says he and Ryan Garcia can fight next, and the winner faces Gervonta Davis. Whether that will happen remains to be seen.

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The way Rolly, 27, won his WBA 140-lb title tonight wasn’t ideal because the referee Tony Weeks, appeared to jump in way too soon in the ninth round to stop the fight.

While leaving the arena at the Cosmopolitan of Las Vegas, Rolly was loudly booed by the fans, who saw him being gifted his WBA title by the referee.

“More than anything, I showed adversity that I could get back up and keep going. I ain’t going to lie. That man had cement in his hands. Every time he landed something, f**k that s**t hurt,” said Rolly Romero to Fight Hub TV moments after his controversial ninth round stoppage of Ismael Barroso.

Rolly admits stoppage was premature

“I’ll be honest. It was a little premature, but he was hurt, though,” said Rolly when asked about his view of the stoppage of Barroso in the ninth round by referee Tony Weeks. “When you start doing the stanky leg,  you’re hurt.

“It was premature. He’s a warrior. I know he wanted to continue. I wish the fight had continued because I wanted to beat him in a spectacular fashion, but I’m not in charge; I’m not the referee.

“All salute to him. That man is strong. He’s one of those strong dudes where everything hurt. He’s one of those dudes where you don’t want to take a risk. If I land this or throw this too slow, it’s going to hurt.

“He don’t look like it, but I’m telling you that Venezuelan man is dangerous. He’s strong. I was off balance, and I was still a little cold,” said Rolly about being dropped in the third by Barroso.

“I got up, finished the round, and I boxed smart, and I got the victory. Like I said, he’s at 140, and I’m at 140. You got to come get the belt, and that’s a fight that everybody has been asking for forever,” said Rolly about him calling out Ryan Garcia.

“All I know is that fight is the biggest fight in boxing, me and Ryan. The winner between me and Ryan gets Gervonta Davis. We’re going to do it the old school way.”

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