Gervonta Davis vs. Shakur Stevenson = “Best fight” says Jeff Mayweather

By Boxing News - 05/13/2023 - Comments

By Adam Baskin: Jeff Mayweather says the “best fight” that can be made at 135 & 140 is between Gervonta Davis and Shakur Stevenson.

Jeff feels that’s an evenly matched contest that is going to have boxing fans sitting on the edge of their seats, not knowing how it’s going to end.

With Shakur’s technical skills, he can outbox Gervonta (29-0, 27 KOs) and make him look bad in the process, just as he did with Oscar Valdez and Jameel Herring.

Shakur (20-0, 10 KOs) is getting better with each fight, and if you’re Tank,  it’s a good idea to fight him before he advances to a stage where it won’t even be competitive.

Tank could face undisputed lightweight champion Devin Haney next if he defeats Vasily Lomachenko next week in their fight on May 20th on ESPN PPV.

That’s the logical next move for Tank, as he can’t afford to wait because Haney is barely making 135, and the chances are high he’ll lose his four titles on the scale in a fight or two.

Rolando should win

“Rolly is a very good puncher. He does have some boxing skills, but he don’t seem to use them,” said Jeff Mayweather to Fighthype, giving his assessment of Rolando ‘Rolly’ Romero.

“This fight should be very winnable for him. He’s fighting a guy that’s 40 years old,” said Jeff about Ismael Barroso. “He looks about 60. I’m going to keep it real. George Foreman was 45, but still.

“I’m just like everyone else. Rolly should win this fight in a spectacular fashion. If he don’t, there’s no point in Tank wasting his time with him. But if he looks good and Rolly can sell himself.

“Rolly will be able to make a fight like that happen again just because he’ll probably get under his [Tank Davis] skin, but there’s no need for Tank to prove himself again. He’s got other guys out there that are bigger fights that need to be made.

Gervonta vs. Shakur = “Best fight”

“I think that’s what Tank is going to do. He’s going to cash out now because he’s gotten to that point where he said, ‘I’m not going to be fighting too much longer.

“You got a Shakur fight, a Devin fight, a Teofimo fight; you got Josh Taylor and a lot of guys that are still out there. The best fight for me is probably him and Shakur.

“That’s a fight where you’re going to be sitting in your seat, and you’re going to be entertained every second of that fight, and nobody knows how that fight is going to end.

“Shakur is a great boxer, but it only takes Tank one punch, and if Tank catches him, no matter how great he is, he’ll probably go out too. That’s the one thing with Tank. Tank is a one-punch knockout artist, and basically, his IQ is extremely, extremely high.

“People don’t give him credit because of his knockout ratio,  but the thing is, anyone that steps in the ring with him has a chance of not going in the same way they came out. That being flat on their back.

“I don’t necessarily think that,” said Jeff when asked if he thinks that Stevenson might not be the same physically after he gets knocked out by Tank Davis. “Some fighters, it’ll damage them.

“Then you have other fighters, and it don’t. It’s like my brother Roger. He lost a fight, and then he won another world title. He lost a fight and then won another world title,” said Jeff.

Ryan Garcia’s pockets are full 

“A lot of guys can’t recover from being in a very, very tough fight, just like Ryan Garcia,” said Mayweather. “I don’t think that this fight hurt Ryan Garcia in terms of anything. His pockets are full as hell [with money from his fight with Gervonta on April 22nd].

“His pockets got full, and the thing is this. I thought he’d have no chance [against Tank Davis], and realistically, he did have no chance, but he fooled the whole world.

“The thing is this. I do understand when he got hit how that works because I got hit like that before, and I did the exact same thing as he did. I took a knee. The only difference is that I was sparring. So nothing was on the line. I was able to quit, but he wasn’t.

“Hopefully, he goes back to the drawing board and works harder and actually be the person that people thought he was,” said Jeff.

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