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Derek Chisora on Mairis Briedis fight: “If the money is right, it’ll happen”

Image: Derek Chisora on Mairis Briedis fight: "If the money is right, it'll happen"

By Charles Brun: Derek Chisora says he’s willing to face former three-time world cruiserweight champion Mairis Briedis in a fight “if the money is right.

The 39-year-old journeyman Chisora (33-13, 23 KOs) isn’t saying his asking price for a fight against the much younger-looking and far more accomplished 38-year-old Briedis (28-2, 20 KOs), but it might be too much.

In the last five years, Chisora is likely spoiled from getting massive paydays for his fights against Tyson Fury, Joseph Parker, Dillian Whyte, Oleksandr Usyk, and Kubrat Pulev.

Chisora has lost four out of his last five fights, and it’s hard to imagine him still getting payday in the UK with how he’s looked. Briedis would likely embarrass Chisora as he did in his fifth round knockout win over heavyweight Manuel Charr in 2015.

Chisora willing to fight Briedis

Derek Chisora: “If the money is right,” Derek said to iFL TV.

Mairis Briedis: “Why is it just about money? People want to see who is the stronger and more interesting. Do you remember that we shook hands about a fight? You ran away.”

Chisora: “I ran away with my tail in my a**. If the money is right.”

Briedis: “Of course, not for free. I’m hungry for a fight. I like big steaks.”

Chisora: “I’m hungry for money.”

Briedis: “I think yes.”

Chisora:  “It depends on how I feel. Listen, if the money is right, it’ll happen.”

Briedis: “I think he’s scared because he’s always taking glasses. I see it in his eyes. He’s slow boxing.”

Chisora: “Slow boxing is why I sell out arenas. That’s why I go viral for everything I do. I don’t mind where I fight as long as the money is right. People always think about this and this. If I have to fight on the moon, as long as the money is right, I will go. I don’t mind. I like to fight.

“That’s why I’m in the game. If you want to fight, yes. I’ll take the fight. If they come up with the right price, I’ll got to Latvia. I’ve been to Germany. I’ve been everywhere.”

Is Chisora scared?

Briedis: “He’s scared.”

Chisora: “Scared? I’m s****ng my pants now. That’s why you see me by myself wherever I go. I’m scared. You’re going to have to make an offer quickly because I’ve got a fight in the pipeline. Don’t tell me it’s on. You haven’t told me the numbers we’re playing with here.”

Briedis: “If I lose, I put your name Chisora.”

Chisora: “No, no, no. I don’t want you to put my name on your body. I’m okay with that. I will fight you if the numbers are right. Are the numbers good? Are they very, very good?”

Briedis: “11,000 will come [to watch fight in Latvia].”

Chisora: “11,000, is that all? I can do Tottenham [Hotspur Stadium] easy.”

Briedis: “Latvia is not so big. That’s why 11,000.”

Chisora: “I don’t mind fighting in Latvia. I don’t mind it. I’m cool with it. All I’m trying to explain to you is what’s the paycheck like? No, it’s not a done deal. Get the f**k out of here. Drop your pants.”

Briedis: “For free?”

Chisora: “Me seeing the tattoo may make me consider signing the contract. Remember, I am the captain of the ship, my friend. If you want to fight me, let me see the tattoo right now.”

Briedis: “What kind of ship?”

Chisora: “If you want to fight me, show me the tattoo now.”

Briedis: “Here?”

Chisora: “Right here, right now. If you don’t show me the tattoo right now, the fight is off.”

Briedis: “Why?”

Chisora: “Show me the tattoo right now, or the fight is done.”

Briedis: “No, no, no, because if I take trousers, you take trousers.”

Chisora: “Bro, I’m cool with taking my trousers down.”

Briedis: “I’m not a girl.”

Chisora: “Look, I’m cool with taking my trousers down [Chisora pulls pants down to show his underwear]. I’m the real deal, bro. Where’s the Jake Paul tattoo?”

Briedis: “Of course not. I’m not stupid.”

Chisora: “You put a Jake Paul tattoo, didn’t you?”

Briedis: “Now, I take out.”

Chisora: “Show us. Where did you put it?”

Briedis: “Here.”

Chisora: “You didn’t show us, bro.”

Briedis: “It was a fake tattoo because Jake Paul is fake.”

Chisora: “I thought he had a tattoo. The numbers are still too low, anyway. Take some of the money out of his pocket and put it in my pocket, and we might talk. I don’t smoke. I’m a clean athlete. Maybe bring some MDMA. Don’t touch me. He doesn’t have a f***g clue what’s going to happen.”

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