Boxing results: Rolando “Rolly” Romero Gets Gift stoppage over Barroso in Vegas!

By Boxing News - 05/14/2023 - Comments

By Ken Hissner: At the Cosmopolitan of Las Vegas Chelsea Ballroom, Las Vegas, Nevada, Saturday, Tom Brown (TGB Promotions) and Premier Boxing Champions presented over Showtime in the Main Event former WBA World Lightweight champion Rolando “Rolly” Romero far behind got a quick stoppage win over former WBA Gold World Super Lightweight champion Ismael Barroso for the WBA World Super Lightweight title.

In the Main Event former WBA World Super Light champ Rolando “Rolly” Romero, 15-1 (12), #139 ½, of Las Vegas, NV, got a gift stoppage defeating former WBA Gold World Super Light champ southpaw Ismael Barroso, 24-4-2 (22), #139 ½, of El Tigre, VZ, and Miami, FL, at 2:49 of the ninth round of a scheduled 12 rounds thanks to referee Weeks for the WBA World Super Lightweight title.


In the first two rounds it was dominated by Barroso. In the third round with a minute remaining Barroso landed a combination getting the attention of the backpedaling Romero. With half a minute remaining Barroso missed with a left backing Romero up and followed with a left from Barroso on the chin driving Romero into the ropes for an 8-count from Tony Weeks.

In the fourth through the sixth rounds Barroso continued to have Romero backing up and running around the ring. It was another round for Barroso. In the seventh round Barroso went to the body having Romero backing up. Romero finally landed a right on the chin in the final minute.

In the ninth round Romero landed a left and then pulled Barroso down for an 8-count. In the final seconds both were throwing punches and Romero was pulling down the head of Borroso when for some reason Weeks called a halt stopping Barroso. It was a horrible decision. Barroso had dominated the fight.

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In the co-Main Event former IBF Super Feather and IBF Lightweight champ Rances “Kid Blast” Barthelemy, 30-2-1 (15), #142 ½, of Havana, Cuba and Las Vegas, NV, won a majority decision over Omar “El Relampago” Juarez, 14-2 (5), #142 ¼, of Brownsville, TX, over 10 rounds.

In the first round Barthelemy kept backing up Juarez. In the second and third rounds it was Juarez becoming the more aggressive. In the fourth through the sixth rounds Barthelemy outworked with an effective jab though Juarez never stopped coming forward.

In the seventh round Barthelemy continued being the more accurate of the two. In the eighth round Juarez came storming out knowing he is falling behind. Barthelemy came back to take the final minute of the round.

In the ninth round Juarez warned for a low punch by Referee Thomas Taylor. Barthelemy started showboating in the final minute. In the tenth and final round Juarez came out firing punches. Then as usual, after a minute Barthelemy took over with some good body shots.

Scores were 95-95, 97-93 and 98-92 with 97-93 KH.

Super Light 2016 Olympian No. 3 ranked southpaw Batyr “Batuhan Gozgec” Akhmedov, 9-3 (8), #138 ¾, of Oktyabr, UZB, and L.A., CA, lost a majority decision to southpaw Kenneth “Bossman” Simms, Jr., 20-2-1 (7), #139 ¼, of Chicago, IL, over 12 action rounds, WBA title eliminator.

In the first two rounds Simms dominated with his effective jab. In the fourth round Akhmedov finished the last minute of the round very strong backing Simms up. In the fifth round Akhmedov came back well pushing Simms around the ring.

In the sixth round Akhmedov had a good round after a minute turning Simms from southpaw to orthodox. In the seventh and eighth rounds Simms returned to southpaw but it didn’t effect Akhmedov at all as he drove Simms to the ropes. In the ninth rounds final thirty seconds Simms had Akhmedov hurt. In the tenth round though with his right eye showing swelling around it Simms came on to get the best outworking Akhmedov.

In the eleventh round the action continued with Akhmedov pressuring Simms all over the ring. In the twelfth and final round both continued throwing punches non-stop with Simms right eye closed. The referee was Harvey Dock.

Scores were 114-114, 115-113 and 116-112 and 115-113 Akhmedov KH.

Super Light Esteuri “El Puma” Suero, 12-0 (9), #139 ¼, of Santo Domingo, DR, and Las Vegas, NV, Starling “El Poli” Castillo, 17-1-1 (13), #139 ½, of Quina Sueneo, DR, 10 rounds.

The referee was Celestino Ruiz.