Boxing Results: Devin Haney Defeats Vasyl Lomachenko!

By Boxing News - 05/21/2023 - Comments

By Ken Hissner: At the MGM Grand, Las Vegas, Nevada, Saturday on ESPN+ and ESPN PPV, Bob Arum (Top Rank), Lou DiBella (DiBella Entertainment), Devin Haney in the Main Event retained his IBF, WBA, WBC, WBO world Lightweight titles by scores of 116-112 and 115-113 twice against the former 2-time Olympic Gold Medalist Vasyl “Loma” Lomachenko.

In the Main Event IBF, WBA, WBC, WBO world Light champ Devin “The Dream” Haney, 30-0 (15), #134.9, of Las Vegas, NV, defeated Vasyl “Loma” Lomachenko, 17-3 (11), #135, of Bihorod-Dinistrovskyl, UKR and Oxnard, CA, over 12 rounds.

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In the first round Haney kept landing the jab followed by a solid left hook and a pair of rights to the body. Lomachenko landed a combination followed by a left uppercut that got through the guard of Haney. Haney came back with a right to the body as the round ended in Haney’s favor. Haney also had the edge in the second round outworking Lomachenko. In the third round Lomachenko landed a left to the chin of Haney. Both fighter’s trade hooks and both land. Lomachenko kept coming forward landing a couple of punches with Haney against the ropes.

In the fourth round Lomachenko outlanded Haney for the most part. In the fifth round Haney came back well taking the round. In the sixth round seemed to take control until Lomachenko answered in the same way evening the score.

In the seventh round Haney hurt Lomachenko with a flurry of punches midway. In the eighth round Lomachenko landed some nice combinations. Haney came back digging a good right to the body. They collided and Lomachenko slipped to the mat. A sharp right countered by a Lomachenko left. Haney landed a right to the body with both falling into a clinch. Lomachenko landed a left but was countered with a jab by Haney who took the round.

In the ninth round they continued to trade combinations. Haney landed a right to the body that was countered by a Lomachenko left to the chin. Nice inside work by Haney, but Lomachenko came back with a straight left. It was a good round for Lomachenko. In the tenth round Haney landed body shots but Lomachenko came back with a vicious volley that stung Haney prompting a clinch. In an exchange Haney got the worst of it. Lomachenko landed sharp jabs in the final seconds taking the round.

In the eleventh round a short left from Lomachenko seemed to stun Haney. A Lomachenko jab seemed to hurt Haney. Then Lomachenko went to the body at the bell. In the twelfth and final round Lomachenko came forward landing a clean right to the body but was countered by a Haney right. Lomachenko landed a left to the body but Haney returned with a combination. Lomachenko landed a right hook to the chin at the bell. Referee was Harvey Dock.

Scores were 116-112 and 115-113 twice as did KH.

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Former 2-division world champ Oscar Valdez, 31-1 (23), #132.1, of Nogales, Sonora, MEX, defeated Adam “Blue Nose” Lopez, 16-5 (5), #132.1, of Glendale, CA, over 10 rounds.

In the third round Lopez did a nice job with his jab but he was still trying to outslug Valdez for the most part. In the fourth round Lopez had his best round up until then pinning Valdez against the ropes to end the round. In the sixth round the jab of Valdez snapped the head of Lopez back. In the seventh and eighth rounds Lopez kept the pressure on Valdez with the face of Valdez starting to swell.

In the ninth round Valdez came back well easily taking the round. In the tenth round in what could have been Lopez suffering a broken nose by an accidental head butt. Valdez finished the round and fight dominating Lopez. Referee was Allen Huggins.             

Scores were 98-92, 98-91 and 97-93.

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Former World Flyweight champ southpaw Junto Nakatani, 25-0 (19), #114.6, of Sagamihara, JAP, knockout out former World interim Bantam champ Andrew Moloney, 25-3 (16), #114.5, of Kingscliff, New South Wales, AUST, at 2:42 of the twelfth and final round for the vacant WBO World Junior Bantamweight  title.

In the first round Moloney was doing well inside against Nakatani until the final 30 seconds when he was hit by a solid body shot left from the southpaw stopping him in his tracks. In the second round the taller Nakatani dropped Moloney early in the round with a left uppercut following a pair of right uppercuts for an 8-count from Referee Mark Nelson. Moloney’s right eyebrow and nose were bleeding from accidental clash of heads.

In the third round a clash of heads caused a cut between the eyes of Nakatani, but went onto take the round with some uppercuts on the most part. In the fourth round Nakatani landed numerous uppercuts to the chin of the ever coming forward Moloney. In the fifth round Moloney came back well working the body of Nakatani having him against the ropes at times.

In the sixth round Nakatani drew blood from the nose of Moloney with solid uppercuts. In the seventh and eighth rounds Nakatani outworked Moloney. In the ninth round Moloney was walking into punches coming forward with his head down.

In the eleventh rounds halfway point a lead left from southpaw Nakatani landed the knockdown punch for an 8-count from Referee Nelson. Moloney managed to get through the round mostly by holding. His corner almost stopped it between rounds. In the twelfth and final round a powerful looping left from Nakatani on the chin knocked Moloney down and out on his back with the noise of the punch heard throughout.        

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Lightweight Raymond “Danger” Muratalla, 18-0 (15), #133.9, of Fontana, CA, stopped Jeremia “Low Key” Nakathila, 23-3 (19), #133.6, of Windhoek, Nambia, at 2:48 of the second round of a scheduled 10 rounds.

In the second round Muratalla rocked Nakathila with a solid right hand and finishing him off in a corner with a series of unanswered punches forcing Referee Robert Hoyle to call a halt.

Super Bantam Floyd “Cashflow” Diaz, 9-0 (3), #119.8, of Las Vegas, NV, defeated Luis Fernando Saavedra, 9-9 (3), #119.8, of San Louis Potosi, MEX, over 8 rounds.

In the first four rounds Diaz boxed well as the wild swinging Saavedra didn’t make it easy for him. In the fifth round Saavedra suffered a nasty cut on his left eyelid. From the sixth through the eighth Diaz used an effective jab while the wild swinging Saavedra lost each round. Referee Allen Huggins.

Scores were 79-73 and 80-72 twice.

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Middleweight Nico Ali Walsh, 8-0-1 (5), #158.4, of Las Vegas, NV, ended in a split draw with Danny “Feel Good Hollywood” Rosenberger, 13-9-5 (4), #158, of Youngstown, OH, over 8 rounds.

In the first round the grandson of Muhammad Ali, Walsh, used an effective jab while coming forward while Rosenberger fought with hands to his side landing the final two punches. In the second round Rosenberger landed several effective rights to the chin of Walsh who isn’t slipping any punches. In the fourth round Rosenberger’s mouthpiece was knocked out as Walsh took the last two rounds though still getting hit by rights on the chin.

In the fifth round Rosenberger was pin pointing his jabs while moving around the ring and finished the round with several rights on the chin of Walsh. In the sixth round Walsh having problems cutting off the ring motioned to Rosenberger to stop running and fight. Rosenberger obliged with several punches just prior to the bell.

In the seventh round Walsh did well until the final seconds when Referee Mike Ortega and to separate then when they were still throwing punches after the bell. In the eighth and final round Rosenberger did more showboating than punching being behind.

Scores were 77-75 each boxer and 76-76 with 78-74 Walsh KH.

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Lightweight 19 year-old Emiliano Vargas, 5-0 (4), #133 ¾, knocked out Rafael Jasso, 3-1 (1), #134 ¾, of Fresno, CA, at 1:41 of the second of a scheduled 4 rounds. Referee Harvey Dock.

In the fourth round a left uppercut from Vargas to the body ended the fight. Vargas the son of former world champ Fernando Vargas.

Lightweight Abdullah Mason, 8-0 (7), #135 ¾, of Cleveland, OH, stopped Desmond Lyons, 8-3 (2), #135 ¼, of No. Augusta, Ga, at 0:32 of the sixth round of a scheduled 6. Referee was Robert Hoyle.

In the third round Mason stopped the aggressive Lyons with a left uppercut to the body. Mason continued going to the body in the next two rounds. In the sixth and final round Mason continued going to the body when referee Hoyle had seen enough calling a halt.

In the opener Middleweight Amari Jones, 9-0 (8), #160, of Las Vegas, NV, stopped Pachino “Chino” Hill, 8-3-1 (6), #162 of Davenport, IA, at 1:16 of the sixth and final round.

In the first three rounds Jones kept working and beating Hill to the punch. It was all Jones throughout until Referee Mike Ortega had seen enough in the sixth and final round calling a halt. 

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