Andy Ruiz says his Twitter account got hacked

By Dan Ambrose: Former unified heavyweight champion Andy Ruiz Jr took to social media to reveal that his Twitter account was hacked by someone he used to know, and the person is trying to ruin his career.

The video the person posted of Ruiz could damage his career. Whoever the person is that did this to Ruiz, they’re vindictive and got bad blood over something that went down between them.

YouTube video

Ruiz had recently been negotiating to challenge WBC heavyweight champion Tyson Fury in the summer. Unfortunately, the talks failed to produce a fight.

According to Fury,  Ruiz priced himself out by asking for $20 million to face him.

Andy hasn’t confirmed that he asked for that amount because his career has languished since he lost his IBF, WBA & WBO titles by coming in out of shape for his rematch with Anthony Joshua in December 2019.

In a video uploaded on Ruiz’s hacked account, it shows him holding big baggies of what appears to be weed, and in the message, it said:

“I love to drink codeine and smoke weed all day...After this, meetings to clean my blood to make sure to come out clean when VADA comes to my training camps.”

The 33-year-old Ruiz (35-2, 22 KOs) says the girl is “mad” at him because he’s happy with his life.  In Ruiz’s follow-up video, he didn’t say anything about what the person said about him smoking marijuana and drinking codeine all day long.

If you’re a fighter, promoter, or one of the networks, their view of Ruiz could be tarnished after seeing what the hacker posted on his account.

“My Twitter got hacked by this b**ch that I know. She’s mad because I’m happy and mad because I’m with my girl, but I didn’t post anything,” said Andy Ruiz Jr on social media.

“That’s an evil person putting stuff out there. She’s trying to ruin my career. She can never do that. God has bigger plans for me. I don’t like people trying to make me look bad and trying to hate me and saying I did this or did that.

“I thought she was going to find a new man. ‘F**k, Andy. I’m going to go with this other guy and live my life,’ but nope,” said Ruiz.

YouTube video