Trainer Goosen says Ryan Garcia won’t have to “dehydrate himself” to make weight for Gervonta Davis fight

By Sam Volz: Trainer Joe Goosen insists that Ryan Garcia won’t have todehydrate” himself to make weight for the two weigh-ins for his fight against Gervonta ‘Tank’ Davis next Saturday night in Las Vegas.

(Photo credit: Ryan Hafey/Premier Boxing Champions)

Ryan (23-0, 19 KOs) will need to weigh no more than 136 lbs for the contract catchweight this Friday and then without fluids overnight for the secondary weight check at 10:00 am this Saturday. That’s the 10-lb rehydration clause with a weight limit of 146 lbs.

Goosen feels it’ll be a piece of cake for Ryan to deal with these two weigh-ins without any issues and make it into the fight on Saturday night without feeling drained.

If Ryan is weight drained for the fight and loses, Tank Davis’ management will have done their job, and they can congratulate themselves.

It’ll be interesting to see if this becomes a standard for fights against Tank, with his management sticking weight stipulations into future contracts for his opponents.

That’s easier said than done because Ryan hasn’t weighed in near the 135 mark since his fight with Luke Campbell in 2021, and there’s no way of knowing whether the combination of the two weigh-ins will do a number on him.

“When I say we’re a few pounds over, we’re a few pounds over,” said trainer Joe Goosen to Fight Hub TV about Ryan Garcia. “He doesn’t look gaunt; he doesn’t look dry because he took that weight down every systematically.

“There was no dropping off a cliff, which can be detrimental. You asked about the rehydration clause. It’s 10 lbs. If we weigh in on Friday at two in the afternoon or three or four, whenever it might be, he’s got to weigh in on Saturday at 10 am, no more than 10 lbs than his contract weight.

“Alright, 10 lbs between the weigh-in and the next day. What does a one-lb steak look like? It’s ten of those. What’s wrong with that? He’s not going to eat ten steaks, but I’m just saying.

“That’s not necessarily beneficial because those weight swings aren’t necessarily good,” said Goosen when told that some fighters rehydrate 20 lbs. “One of the worst things you can do is go in the ring feeling full. You don’t want that. You want to feel a little big light, a little bit hungry.

“Beetweeen 3:00 pm and 10 am the next day, he [Ryan] can have ten steaks. That’s a lot of food. Of course, the liquids are a factor there, but he won’t have to dehydrate himself to make this weight.

“He’s eating, he’s drinking, and we’ll go train tonight. His skin still has a vibrancy to it, and sometimes it can get dry, and then you get that gaunt look with the eyes sunken in and the cheeks. He doesn’t have that. He’s literally just a few pounds overweight right now,” said Goosen about Ryan.

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