Gervonta Davis vs. Ryan Garcia rehydration clause weigh-in today at 3 pm ET

By Adam Baskin: Ryan Garcia and Gervonta Davis will weigh in at 3:00 pm ET/11:00 pm PT today for their 10-lb rehydration clause fight day weight check for tonight’s fight at the T-Mobile Arena in Las Vegas. Both fighters need to be no higher than 146 lbs maximum or face what is believed to be a stiff fine for each pound over the limit.

Interestingly, the rehydration clause fight date weigh-in is so late today, but it’s another planned move on Tank’s part, just as we saw with last Friday’s late 6:00 pm weigh-in to weaken Ryan Garcia.

Tank’s rehydration clause could backfire on him

Some would say this is just another example of the fear & insecurity that 28-year-old Gervonta has about this fight. This move to insert a 10-lb rehydration clause with a max limit of 146 lbs could backfire on the pampered former Mayweather Promotions fighter Tank Davis because he looked even more drained than Ryan Garcia during yesterday’s weigh-in.

If anyone needed to be able to rehydrate after the weigh-in fully, it was Tank, who might be the bigger fighter of the two in terms of weight. The 5’10” Ryan is taller, but he’s lean & wiry, not stocky, and prone to put on a lot of fat like Gervonta.

Tank Davis put this rehydration clause into the contract, which is one of his tools, in addition to the 136-lb catchweight and late weigh-in, to drain Ryan Garcia of his Samson-like power to increase the Baltimore native’s chances of winning tonight. This is one of the abuses of A-side power.

“It’s a big fight that the fans wanted. I was tired of not seeing those big fights happen. I willed this into existence and accepted whatever they wanted,” said Ryan Garcia to ESPN when asked why he agreed to the weight stipulations from Gervonta’s team.

“It’s important because he’s a guy that is trying to prove himself, and he’s been calling my name out for years,”  said Tank Davis when asked why he agreed to face Ryan rather than a soft record-padding opponent. We’ll test him. Why not take the fight?

“I’m all around the board better than him,” said Gervonta. “He’s someone that always talks about speed and power. That’s it. I’m all around the board better than the guy, and it’ll show come Saturday night.”

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