Anthony Joshua’s trainer blows a gasket when asked how AJ would against Fury

By Boxing News - 04/02/2023 - Comments

By Jim Calfa: Anthony Joshua’s trainer Derrick James blew his stack last Saturday night following his victory over Jermaine Franklin when he was asked how AJ would do against Tyson Fury if he’s the next opponent for him.

Derrick seemed to snap when asked a harmless question about how Joshua (25-3, 22 KOs) would fair against the unbeaten Fury. The way that Derrick lost his cool, it would seem to some that he lacks confidence that Joshua can beat Fury.

If Derrick feels Joshua isn’t up to the task of beating Fury next, he should speak up and let AJ’s promoter Hearn know his thoughts because he says he’s interested in making that fight next.

There’s nothing wrong with Derrick telling Hearn that Joshua needs more time for the two to work together before he’s ready to tackle a fighter like Fury.

Joshua looked worse last Saturday against Franklin than he had in his previous fight against Oleksandr Usyk. AJ’s trainer for that fight was Robert Garcia, and he had him better prepared for that match than Derrick did for Franklin.

If Joshua doesn’t mind swallowing his pride, he should think about returning to Robert Garcia to have him finish what he started. In that case, Joshua should make sure that Robert is his ONLY trainer, and not have Angel Fernandez working alongside of him.

“I thought it was a good performance.  He did everything I wanted him to do,” said Derrick James to iFL TV about Anthony Joshua’s performance against Jermaine Franklin. “I didn’t care about the knockout. I just cared about the victory.

“It’s about building and getting better & better,  so this was the first step,” Derrick continued about Joshua, who snapped his two-fight losing streak, picking up his first win since his victory over 40-year-old Kubrat Pulev in 2020.

“We had ten weeks to train. So we stuck to the script, and we believe in the script. He stuck to the script that I wrote out, and I love him for that.

“I’m not involved in that part of it,” said James when asked if he would be in favor of Joshua fighting Tyson Fury next.  “I want what he wants. So if he wants that type of fight, I’m ready for that fight.

“I only want what they want.  I have no choice. I don’t really care about it. It’s his career. I’m just helping to guide him to get him ready. Man, why do you ask me a question like? That’s a dumb a** question,” said Derrick when asked how Joshua would fair against Tyson Fury.

“Do you think I think he’s going to say he’s going to lose? What are you talking about? Well, why would you ask me? I’m not going to say he’s going to lose. Hey man, he’s going to win. I don’t know about all that. All I know is I can’t imagine by guy losing,” said James when asked if Joshua will knockout Fury.

“I’ve watched Tyson Fury but not enough in competition form. I just watch him as a fan, so I got to watch him. I haven’t seen him fight to be into it. I don’t know.

“This was a fighter that was more changing than anyone can imagine because it was a step-down. In reality, in a step-down, you can overlook a guy like that.

“A guy like that can always beat you if you don’t focus. In theory, it’s a step-down, but a guy like that has nothing to lose. But if you believe you’re better than you really are, you can lose to a guy like that.

“I think each fight can be a step up because, in reality how you face fighters and how you face situations, it’s all about the competition. Obviously, he’ll be better and better in his next fight,”  said James about Joshua.

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