WBC Int’l Champ Ivan Zucco Defeats Germaine “G-Man” Brown in Italy!

By Ken Hissner: At Allianz Cloud, Milan, Lombardia, Italy, Friday on ESPN+, Alessandro Cherchi (OPI Since 82) presented in the Main Event WBC International Super Middleweight champion Ivan Zucco defeated former British champion Germaine “G-Man” Brown over ten rounds of action.

In the Main event, WBC International Super Middle champ southpaw Ivan Zucco, 17-0 (14), #167 ¼, of Verbania, Piemonte, IT, defeated former English champ Germaine “G-Man” Brown, 12-2 (3), #168, of Kingston, London, UK, over ten rounds.

In the first round, after a minute, a right hook from southpaw Zucco on the chin rocked Brown. With a minute remaining, a clash of heads stopped action momentarily. Zucco hurt Brown at the end of the round with a right to the chin. In the second round, Brown did well enough to take the round until the final seconds when he got caught with a left on the chin that almost dropped him.

In the third round, Brown used his reach to keep Zucco from coming forward at times. Zucco showed he had more power when inside landing left uppercuts to the chin of Brown in a close round. In the fourth round, it was all Zucco drawing blood from the mouth of Brown a minute into the round, having Brown on the defense.

In the fifth round, Zucco continued taking it to Brown, who had little to give in return. Brown, after a minute, had obvious swelling over his left eye. In the sixth and seventh rounds, Brown did his best to penetrate the hands-held high defense of Zucco until inside, when Zucco did his best work in two close rounds and won by Zucco.

In the eighth round, Brown continued doing well in the first minute before Zucco wore him down with body shots. With twenty seconds remaining, Zucco rocked Brown with a right uppercut on the chin. In the ninth, it was Brown being aggressive until the midway point, Zucco rocked Brown with a right hook to the side of the head, causing the swelling to grow even bigger. In the final minute, Zucco again rocked Brown.

In the tenth and final round, Brown knew he would need a knockout was very aggressive halfway through the round until Zucco countered him, bringing more blood from his mouth of Brown while the swelling was close to closing the left eye of Brown in a competitive round to the bell. The referee was Giovanni Pogi.

Scores were 99-91 by all judges and 98-92 by this writer.

Italian Super Welter champion Francesco Russo, 12-3 (10), #153 ¾, of Rome, IT, lost his title by being stopped by Christian Mazzon, 10-4 (4), #154, of Lombardia, IT, at 2:29 of the fourth round in a war of a scheduled 10.

In the first round, Mazzon picked Russo apart the entire round with 3 and 4-punch combinations while backing up from Russo, who couldn’t seem to land but one punch at a time.

In the second round, Mazzon dished out a beating having Russo out on his feet and a bloody nose but managed to get to the bell. In the third round, Mazzon picked up where he left off, dropping Russo a minute into the round with over a dozen punches without return as Referee Enrico gave an 8-count. With a minute remaining, Russo dropped Mazzon with a left hook to the chin.

In the fourth round, it went back and forth when Mazzon landed a four-punch combination with a double left hook on the chin, and down went Russo, who was immediately waved off by Referee Enrico as Russo lay there.

Middle Giovanni Sarchioto, 7-0 (6), #162 ¼, of Anzio, Lazio, IT, easily defeated Houcine Moulahi, 4-14-2 (2), #163 ¼, of Toulouse, Haute-Garrone, FR, over eight rounds.

In the first two rounds, Sarchioto used an effective jab and occasional rights to the chin of the coming forward Moulahi. In the third round, Sarchioto started putting some power behind his punches, hurting Moulahi to the body for the most part.

In the fourth round, Moulahi, taking a beating, was warned by Referee Eros Rozza to stop holding for the last time as the round came to an end.

In the fifth round, the beating from Sarchioto continued making Moulahi hold, and he was deducted a point by Referee Rossa for holding.

In the seventh round, Moulahi, who has never been stopped, seems to be looking for a DQ as he loses another point for using his head in clinches. In the eighth and final round, Moulahi continued fouling but showed a good chin as Sarchioto couldn’t put him down. Seven fights and all opponents with losing records did not show well for Sarchioto, who, though, did show a good style taking every round.

Scores were 80-70, 80-69 and 80-70, and 80-70 by this writer.

Welter Maxim Prodan, 21-2-1 (16), #150 ¼, of Novoselytsia, UKR, and Milan, Lombardia, IT, stopped southpaw Mirko “Kraken” Marchetti, 8-5 (0) #149 ½, of Cisterna, Lazio, IT, at 1:07 of the second round of an 8.

In the second round, Prodan landed a double left hook to the body, dropping Marchetti for an 8-count from Referee Luigi. Shortly later, a left hook from Prodan to the body and down went Marchetti as Referee Luigi got to 8 and waved it off with Marchetti still on the canvas.