Usyk tells “greedy belly” Fury: “Stop whining, Ink the contract or vacate the belt”

By Charles Brun: Oleksandr Usyk took to Twitter moments ago to respond to Tyson Fury’s demand of no rematch clause in the contract by saying that he needs to stop whining and sign the contract or vacate his WBC heavyweight belt for their April 29th fight. Usyk says that Fury’s team wanted the rematch clause, not him.

Fury needs to stop crying, ink the contract or vacate his WBC belt, says Usyk. If Fury chooses to play this to the hilt and use it as an excuse for him to pull out, this could be it.

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He’ll go in a different direction and fight a replacement opponent for April 29th, and it’s possible that Team Fury already has someone in mind that they can insert.

Usyk points out that Fury (33-0-1, 24 KOs) came up with the idea of having a rematch clause, not him. So it’s a bit rich that Fury tries to pass it off to the fans that Usyk was demanding that a rematch clause be in the contract.

If Fury is unaware of what his management has put in the contract for his fight with Usyk, he needs to check with them first before directing the blame on Oleksandr for the rematch clause being there.

With that said, it could be that Fury is just uninformed and started talking on social media without knowing what was in the contract. You see that sometimes with fighters.

They have no idea what’s in their contract, and they just start spouting off at the mouth, not knowing what they’re saying and coming across as out of touch with the process.

Why Fury would say that Usyk’s side wanted the rematch clause suggests that he’s looking for an excuse to give him cover when he walks away from their April 29th fight.

If the boxing public thinks it was Usyk (20-0, 13 KOs) insisting on the rematch clause, that would take the heat off Fury when he pulls out of the fight.

With Fury, you just don’t know if he’s unaware that his team wanted the rematch clause or if this is just a pitiful example of a fighter that has lost his nerve and wants no part of potentially getting schooled by Usyk.

Given how one-dimensional Fury looked in his last three fights, this writer believes it’s more of the latter. Fury doesn’t fancy the job.