Tommy Fury wants Jake Paul to pay up on bet and double his purse

By Charles Brun: Tommy Fury wants Jake Paul to pay him double his purse after losing their handshake bet on the outside of last Sunday’s eight-rounder in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia.

Tommy says his family is “old fashioned,” To them, a “handshake is as good as a contract.” Jake said that he would pay him double the purse that he was giving Tommy, which is rumored to be $4 million. However, some people believe the bet was for Jake to hand over his own purse for the fight, which he claims is $30 million.

With the way that Tommy and his father, John Fury, are bellyaching about the bet, they might complain their way out of the rematch.

If Jake gets sick of them moaning about the handshake bet, he could walk away from the rematch, leaving Tommy where he found him, scratching out a living fighting unknown domestic-level boxers in Britain.

Unfortunately for Tommy, he’s not going to get his way because he failed to sign the contract, but he should be happy that Jake is talking about giving him a rematch because, without that, his options are limited to fighting KSI and Salt Papi, and neither of those fights is going to give him a similar payday.

According to many, Tommy Fury will never win a title, even at the British level, meaning he won’t go far against real boxers, and his earning potential is very, very limited. As such, fighting Youtubers and Influencers is likely where Tommy’s career will end. In other words, Tommy is a celebrity boxer.

“A rematch is something that I would do; it is something that I believe in,” said Fury to Good Morning Britain about wanting to fight Jake Paul again.

“We only did eight rounds. I’m ready to go out there and do a rematch; I owe that to myself. I believe in the rematch; I’ll definitely stop him.

“I’ve never been the eight rounds before, so you’re just a bit wary about what’s in your tank and how the fight will go,” said Tommy.

Tommy Fury wants Jake Paul to honor handshake bet

“We were live on television, and we shook hands. We’ll take that how you want to take it,” said Tommy about him agreeing to Jake Paul paying him double his purse if he won the fight against him last Sunday night.

“We’re old-fashioned guys, and a handshake means everything to us. Let’s see if he honors it or not. We did shake hands, and me and my family are old-fashioned people. So a handshake is as good as a contract with us. So let’s see Jake Paul; let’s see if he’s going to answer it.

“I did very well. It was a career-high payday for me,” said Tommy when asked exactly how much money he made from the fight.

It would be interesting to know if Tommy would have honored the handshake bet with Jake if he’d lost the fight.

Would Tommy have gladly handed over his purse to Jake if he’d come out the loser, or would he say that there was no contract and because of that, he doesn’t have to pay?

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