Ryan Garcia destroys Gervonta Davis verbally at LA press conference

By Boxing News - 03/09/2023 - Comments

By Jake Tiernan: Ryan Garcia used his gift for gab to score a knockout blow to Gervonta ‘Tank’ Davis in their LA press conference on Thursday, making him look real bad when the two were in a verbal exchange on the stage to promote their April 22nd fight on Showtime from the T-Mobile Arena in Las Vegas.

When Ryan started talking about Gervonta’s purse, he had the audience in stitches. Gervonta couldn’t say anything other than to own up to carrying a purse around.

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It was so one-sided the tongue-lashing Ryan was giving Tank Davis, that someone from Tank’s team should have tagged to take over for him because he was getting outdone in the trash-talking department from Kingry. It wasn’t even competitive.

Tank may not recover from the embarrassment he suffered at the hands of Ryan today. If you’re Tank, it might be better for him to refrain from exchanging words with Ryan Garcia when he’s on the stage because he’s on another level when it comes to trash-talking.

There was no one to save the unbeaten Tank Davis (28-0, 26 KOs). Even if the gray-bearded Leonard Ellerbe had stepped in to say something, Ryan would have made him look silly too.

Ryan Garcia: “I promise you, I got the determination that you’ve never seen before. You like to fight guys that don’t hit hard, but guess what? I do hit hard, and when I hit you with that left hook.”

Gervonta Davis: “What else?”

Ryan: “What else? You’re going to see when I hit you with it, you’re on the floor.

Gervonta: “What else?”

Ryan: “Sleep. Good night.”

Gervonta: “What else?”

Ryan: “Exactly, you’re going to wake up in the hospital, what else? I’m awake now. What else?”

Gervonta: “You only got what hook. You’re not a complete fighter.”

Ryan: “When you get slept, you’re going to see in the ring.”

Gervonta: “You’re not a complete fighter. You don’t got no footwork. You don’t got no IQ. You don’t got nothing bro. You only got a hook.”

Ryan: “You told me everything. Now, I know what I got to work on now. Good one. You’re so smart. When you get up here, you better finish a sentence when you get up here. I need to hear something. I see a lot of things I can knock you out with.”

Gervonta: “What else do you have besides a hook? What else?”

Ryan: “I hit you with a right hand, then what?”

Gervonta: “Your right hand ain’t s**t.”

Ryan: “That’s cool. We’ll see. You couldn’t knock out Cruz, who was smaller than small. You couldn’t do a lot of things. You were losing to Barrios, were you not? Were you not losing to Barrios?

“You see that I’m not even worried about it. So why did you weight drain me? Why did you weight drain me? Why didn’t you fight at 140? I’m little. I got a little frame.”

Gervonta: “You got heels on.”

Ryan: “I got heels on? Okay, and you had a purse on yesterday. Shut up.”

Gervonta: “I got one today.”

Ryan: “You got one on now. I’m going to beat him and knock him out, and that’s it. I’ll see you on April 22nd.”

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