John Fury wants Jake Paul to honor his agreement with Tommy

By Boxing News - 03/01/2023 - Comments

By Charles Brun: John Fury has taken to social media asking Jake Paul to honor his handshake agreement about paying double his purse after losing the eight-round fight to Tommy Fury last Sunday in Saudi Arabia.

Unfortunately, there was no contract signed to enforce the agreement. The video from John Fury, the dad of the 23-year-old Tommy (9-0, 4 KOs), ends halfway through before he finishes talking. It would have been interesting to see what else the 58-year-old John would have had to say.

At this point, it would be a good idea for John not to push this issue of Jake (6-1, 4 KOs) paying Tommy double his purse. The last thing Tommy needs is for Jake to get upset and wash his hands of him and walk away, leaving him with no real options for the time being.

Look at it this way. Can you imagine where this would leave Tommy Fury if Jake washed his hands of him and walked away? Without Jake, Tommy’s career, such as it is, would be back to where it was before he threw him this bone.

Tommy Fury’s last three fights before Jake Paul:

  • Daniel Bocianski
  • Anthony Taylor
  • Jordan Grant

If Tommy makes a big production about their handshake agreement, Jake could choose to fight KSI next, beat the brakes off him, and leave Tommy little options other than to return to the salt mines and resume fighting British domestic-level fighters for chickenfeed as he’d been doing before he gave him the opportunity.

Of course, Tommy can fight Salt Papi, but what would that bring in? Probably not much.

“Jake, you know what I’m to do. We had a deal; we had a handshake. We said we’d box for free if we got defeated,” said John Fury on social media.

Hearn wants Jake Paul to fight KSI next

“In professional boxing, he’s not very good. He should fight KSI. He’ll make an absolute fortune, and that’s his lot,” said Eddie Hearn to iFL TV about what Jake Paul should do with his career following his loss to Tommy Fury. “Maybe he should fight Nate Diaz, and that’s his lot.

“He probably made twenty million. Whatever he said, congratulations, mate. How can you not give it to him? Boxing is his hobby, and he just picked up twenty large or whatever he picked up. Bellow says my hobby is golf, and it cost me a fortune.

YouTube video

“Tommy Fury just made, rumors of four, five, six [million] or whatever it is. It’s unbelievable in an eight-rounder. He swam the channel. He should have got ten grand for that in an eight-rounder at that level.

“There’s NO way ever Jake Paul could win a British title. Do you think Jake Paul would beat Dan Aziz? Dan Aziz is a good British champion. Right now, there’s NO way Tommy Fury would beat Dan Aziz. No, never,” said Hearn when asked if he would match Tommy Fury against Dan Aziz.

“Why would Tommy Fury fight Dan Aziz when he can fight KSI?”