Gervonta Davis vs. Ryan Garcia press conference this Wednesday & Thursday on March 8th & 9th

By Boxing News - 03/04/2023 - Comments

By Chris Williams: Gervonta ‘Tank’ Davis reports that his first press conference with Ryan Garcia will take place this Wednesday, March 8th, followed by a second one on March 9th for their mega-fight next month on April 22 at a still-to-be-determined venue in Las Vegas.

With the size of the Tank-Garcia clash and the late start they have in promoting the contest, it makes sense for them to cram as much marketing as they can for the fight as quickly as possible in the seven weeks they have to create hype.

Will Tank & Ryan’s groupies be exploited? 

The Gervonta vs. Ryan fight will be shown on Showtime PPV, but there’s still no word on how much it’ll be selling for. $1o0 per household would make sense, but it would do better numbers if the organizers don’t get greedy, as we saw with Floyd Mayweather Jr’s fights against Conor McGregor and Manny Pacquiao.

Those undercards were seemingly thrown together without a care for the fans, and when the main event fights turned out to be typical Mayweather duds, the boxing public felt ripped off.

If they choose to go the greed route, hopefully, they will use the loot to stack the undercard because Mayweather’s undercards against McGregor and Pacquiao were the barebones variety, filled with mismatches & scrubs.

Ryan Garcia and Tank Davis have a ton of social media followers that will be eager to purchase their fight no matter how expensive it is on PPV, which likely means the price will be hiked into the stratosphere by the organizers of the event.

For typical fans that aren’t necessarily Tank or Ryan groupies, they’re going to balk if they price the PPV at record levels to exploit their lovesick followers.

“I think it’s going to be a very competitive fight,” said trainer Bob Santos to Fighthype when asked about the Gervonta Davis vs. Ryan Garcia mega-fight on April 22nd. “Does Ryan have the ability to win the fight? Sure, he does because he has fast reflexes, and he has a tremendous left hook.

“Again, he has the heart of a lion. He’s a Mexican. You can never underestimate that, and he has a lot of amateur experience, but I favor Tank in that fight because he has the great equalizer and he has the opportunity to do a little bit different thing. I think, at some point; he’ll probably get to him.

“Would I be shocked if Garcia won? Of course, not because it’s to be a very competitive fight, but I do lean toward Gervonta Davis. I think he’s a special talent, he’s a tremendous puncher, and he’s got a great ring IQ too. He does a lot of tricky things in there.

“The other thing I don’t want to underestimate is [Ryan’s trainer] Joe Goosen. Joe Goosen may be the key element that can get Ryan over the top. He has a tremendous trainer in Joe Goosen, and I know if anybody has tricks up their sleeves that can alter the course of the tide, it would definitely be Joe Goosen.

“We saw what he did with Chico Corrales vs. Castillo. We know what kind of trainer he is. So again, would I be surprised if Garcia won? No. He’s got Joe Goosen, quick reflexes. I am favoring Gervonta. It is going to be a tremendous fight, and don’t ever underestimate Joe Goosen. He’s a tremendous trainer.

“He’s just got to be careful,”  said Santos about Ryan Garcia. “I’m sure Joe knows this. You just got to be cognizant of not pulling straight back. If he limits that, he obviously limits the opportunity of getting knocked out.

“He got hit with [Luke] Campbell pulling straight back. You can’t pull straight back. If he does that, it can be a very competitive fight because then he can catch Gervonta too. He’s got fast reflexes and great power too. So if he limits that, the longer the fights going, the more opportunity he’s going to have to with the length and the things of that nature.

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