Floyd Mayweather sends message to critics: “Stay in your lane”

By Allan Fox: Floyd Mayweather Jr fired back in reaction to the many people that commented about the empty O2 Arena in London for his last exhibition match against reality television personality Aaron Chalmers the previous month on February 25th.

Mayweather seemed bitter in firing back at the fans for them watching him look ridiculous, fighting in front of an empty arena.

You knew that eventually, Mayweather’s bank heists would wear thin with the public, and they would stop purchasing tickets for these dull exhibitions. In Mayweather’s exhibition against Chalmers, we saw the beginning of the end because he’s getting diminishing returns now.

Looking at the former superstar Mayweather, who used to fight in front of huge sold-out arenas, reduced to fighting an exhibition in front of a few thousand fans against a non-boxer, it was pathetic and sad.

Obviously, Mayweather is going to keep doing his exhibitions until they stop paying to watch them.  Whoever put out the money to lease the O2 Arena for Mayweather’s exhibition against Chalmers can’t be too pleased.

“Still getting money,” said Mayweather on social media in what would seem like him letting his critics know that he got the last laugh because people are still paying him to do exhibition matches. Floyd then showed his caustic side, saying, “Stay out of other people’s business. Stay in your lane.”

If Mayweather wants fans to stay quiet, he’s wasting time because they’re going to continue to ridicule his downfall until he either stops doing his exhibition matches or he faces someone that they would give him credit for fighting, like a real boxer with talent instead of a Youtuber or celebrity.

The exhibition against Chalmers was Mayweather’s sixth since 2018, and it would seem that he’ll continue to do them as long as there are companies willing to put up the money to put together these events.

Fans made of the former boxing star Mayweather fighting an exhibition against Chalmers in a near-empty O2. Whoever put out the money to promote Mayweather’s exhibition, it would be interesting to know how much of a financial bath they took because that place had a minuscule crowd.

It’s likely that Mayweather’s next exhibition match will be in Japan because he can still make money over there, and fans would show up as long as Floyd is fighting a Japanese fighter.

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