Boxing results: Cyrus Pattinson Stops Chris Jenkins in a War!

By Ken Hissner: At the Utilita Arena, Newcastle, England, Saturday over the DAZN Eddie Hearn (Matchroom Boxing) presented in the Main Event IBO Continental Welterweight champion Cyrus Pattinson stopping former British and Commonwealth champ Chris ‘Rok’n’Rolla’ Jenkins in the ninth round for the vacant WBA International Welterweight title with every round a war!

In the Main event, IBO Continental welter champ Cyrus Pattison, 6-0 (4), #146 ¼, of New Castle, Alnwick, England, stopped Chris ‘Rok’n’Rolla’ Jenkins, 23-7-3 (8), #146, of Garnant, Wales, UK, at 1:34 of round nine of a 10, in war from the opening round until the stoppage.

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In the first round, Pattison was on the attack with a non-stop offense. Jenkins only returned some offense a few times in the round. In an all-action second round, Pattison was still on the offense, but Jenkins landed many uppercuts, mainly to the body, in a close round but still going to Pattison.

In the third round, the action continued from both fighters, with each having their moments. Though Pattison may have had the edge, it was Jenkins landing the final right on the chin of Pattison. In the fourth round, it continued a slugfest, with Jenkins having his best round. In the fifth round, the punches from both continued to fly. Southpaw Pattison was working the head and Jenkins the body. It was close down to the bell.

In the sixth round, it was close down to the wire, with Jenkins possibly winning his second round. In the seventh round, it was all Pattison for two minutes when Jenkins came back holding his own as the fans went wild for both fighters. In the eighth round halfway mark, Jenkins backed up Pattison for the first time. Pattison may have won the round with neither fighter taking a breather in a war!

In the ninth round, Pattison landed half a dozen punches without return, causing Jenkins’s corner to advise Referee Bob Williams to call a halt.

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2016 Youth Olympian southpaw ‘Drago’ ‘Hopey’ Price, 10-0 (3), #121 ¼, of Leeds, UK, easily defeated a reluctant former Euro Fly champ Thomas Masson, 20-7-1 (7), #120 ½, of Bruay-la-Buissiere, FR, over 10 dull rounds, for the vacant WBA Continental Super Bantam title.

In the first five rounds, the taller southpaw Price had his way as Masson’s hands held high and returned with little offense. In the sixth round final thirty seconds Masson finally let his hands fly as Price against the ropes rolled with them with only a few landing.

In the ninth round, the once-stopped Masson in a world fly title fight keeps coming forward with little offense as Price scores with his jab. In the tenth and final round, the methodical Price easily won this one while Masson was in for a payday. The referee was Bob Williams.
Scores were 100-90, 99-91, and 98-92, with 100-90 here.

Solomon “The Real Deal” Dacres, 6-0 (2), #236 ½, of Birmingham, UK, stopped Robert “The Iceman” Ismay, 11-1 (4), #262 ¼, of Newcastle, UK, at 2:04 of the second round for the vacant English Heavy title, of a 10.

In the second round, Dacres rocked Ismay with several rights to the chin. He followed up with half a dozen more punches with no return as Referee Ron Kearney wisely called a halt.

Two-time Olympian and 2021 Olympic Silver Medalist Pat McCormack, 4-0 (3), #151 ½, of Sunderland, UK, stopped Dario “The Italian Trouble” Dario Socci, 15-8-2 (6), #150 ½, of Roma, Lazio, IT, at 2:12 of the eighth and final round.

In the first round for a second time, McCormack landed a right rocking Socci in the final thirty seconds. He then threw him across the ring without warning from Referee Neal Close as the round ended. In the second through the fourth rounds, McCormack continued dominating until the final seconds when Socci got in a right hand to the chin after the second round.

In the fifth round, McCormack was landing rights to the chin of Socci throughout. In the sixth round, McCormack would land unanswered punches as Socci shrugged his shoulders. In the seventh round, after a minute, McCormack landed a three-punch combination. Halfway through the round, he rocked Socci with a right on the chin. In the eighth and final rounds final seconds, the referee Close suddenly called a halt. Socci went nuts running around the ring, hands high, asking, “why?”

Light southpaw “Frenchie” Calum French, 4-0 (1), #138, of Gateshead, UK, easily defeated Jordan Ellison, 14-45-3 (1), #139 ½, of Seaham, County Durham, UK, over eight rounds.

In the first four rounds, French was the aggressor using a solid jab and easily winning all. In the sixth round, French put the most pressure on Ellison, but he had swelling around his left eye.

In the seventh round’s final seconds, Ellison landed his best punch, a counter right to the chin of French. In the eighth and final round French finished his second straight eight-rounder pitching a shutout against the durable Ellison. Referee Ron Kearney.

The score was 80-73 by Ron Kearney, 80-72 on my card.

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Middle Mark ‘Boo Boo’ Dickinson, 5-0 (1), #161 ¼, of West Rainton, UK, defeated Ben Ridings, 5-4 (0), #166 ½, of Bury, Lancashire, UK, over eight rounds.

Referee Neil Close scored 80-73.

Flyweight Maisey Rose Courtney, 2-0 (0), of London, UK, defeated Buchra “Buxi” El Quaissi, 3-5-3 (1), of Roda de Ter, Cataluna, SP, over four rounds.

In the first round, Courtney scored a knockdown. Score Ron Kearney 40-35. The referee was Dean Wilson.

Light Adam Reichard, 2-0 (0), of Sunderland Tyne and Wear, UK, defeated southpaw Jahfieus Faure, 1-12-1 (0), of Oldbury, West Midlands, UK, over four rounds.

In the fourth round, Reichard scored a knockdown. Score Ron Kearney 40-36. The referee was Dean Wilson.

Super Bantam Muhammed Ali, 1-0 (0), of Leicester, Leicestershire, UK, defeated Sean Jackson, 0-7-1 (0), of Manchester, Lancashire, UK, over four rounds.

Score Judge Ron Kearney 40-36. Referee Dean Wilson

The ring Announcer David Diamante