“Benavidez easier fight for Canelo than Bivol” – Eddie Hearn

By Boxing News - 03/27/2023 - Comments

By Dan Ambrose: Promoter Eddie Hearn says David Benavidez is an “easier” fight for Canelo Alvarez than Dmitry Bivol.

Hearn points out that Canelo (58-2-2, 39 KOs) did a better job dealing with Caleb Plant two years ago with his eleventh-round knockout victory than Benavidez did in grinding out a close 12-round unanimous decision last Saturday night.

As Hearn pointed out today, Canelo won’t be fighting Benavidez soon because he’s got a title defense of his undisputed championship against John Ryder on May 6th, followed by his rematch against WBA light heavyweight champion Dmitry Bivol in September.

Hearn also said that Benavidez already has his next three fights mapped out against WBA ‘regular’ super middleweight champion David Morrell, Jermall Charlo, and [Demetrius Andrade].

It’s understandable why Hearn wouldn’t be eager to put Canelo in with Benavidez. The WBC interim 168-lb champion Benavidez fights on Showtime, whereas Canelo’s bouts are on DAZN.

More important than that is what would happen if Canelo were to fight Benavidez and lost badly by a knockout or a vicious beating.

It would hurt Canelo’s popularity big time because he wouldn’t have the same weight excuse he used to defuse criticism over his loss to the light heavyweight Bivol last May.

Benavidez fights in the same weight class as Canelo, so he couldn’t blame his loss on his campaigning in a higher weight class.

Also, Benavidez is a more aggressive fighter than Bivol, who won’t be satisfied just trying to win a decision against Canelo the way he did. Benavidez would be trying to knock Canelo out the entire time, and he’d inflict much damage on him.

Canelo vs. Bivol close to being made

“The next fight is Bivol.  Contractually, we have to go through that process for the rematch. We’re already close to making that fight,” said Eddie Hearn to Secondsout about Canelo Alvarez vs. Dmitry Bivol rematch being negotiated for September for DAZN PPV.

“Eddy Reynoso already asked me months ago to do the John Ryder fight [for May 6th in Guadalajara, Mexico]. If we can’t get the Bivol fight done, absolutely. Benavidez is also the [WBC] mandatory. We talked about the mandatory situation,” said Hearn about Canelo’s WBC mandatory David Benavidez.

“He’s going to have to fight him at some stage. Trust me when I say, having worked with Canelo Alvarez and Eddy Reynoso, they will work with anyone. They don’t care. When you talk about Mexican Monsters. Did you see what Canelo  Alvarez did to Caleb Plant? He put him out, and Benavidez is a great fighter.

“There’s a difference between hitting him with everything and putting him out cold, and that’s what Canelo did. So for me, I’ll back Canelo all day long.

“I think Benavidez is a great fighter, and after he’s fought Ryder and Bivol, I would like to see that fight, and ultimately the governing bodies would as well,” Hearn said.

Benavidez easier fight for Canelo than Bivol

“David Benavidez is a much easier fight for Canelo than Bivol at 175,” said Hearn. “As good as Benavidez, and it’s a great fight, but it’s a lot easier fight than Bivol at 175.

“You have to understand as well that personally, for Canelo Alvarez is that all he’s thinking about beyond John Ryder is avenging that defeat [against Bivol]. That’s the most important thing in his career is beating Dmitry Bivol because everyone is going, ‘That’s a bad fight for you. I don’t think you should take that fight.’

“That’s the worse thing you can say to Canelo Alvarez. Actually, David Benavidez is an easier fight for Canelo Alvarez than Bivol at 175, but personally, he has to avenge that defeat.

“Also, Benavidez has a three-fight deal with PBC. They’re talking about it’s already mapped out with [David] Morrell, [Jermall] Charlo, but whatever.  But for Canelo, it’s going to be Ryder and Bivol, and then after that, why not David Benavidez? I  think it’s a great fight,” said Hearn.

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