Liam Wilson says Navarrete given extra time on count

By Adam Baskin: Liam Wilson believes Emanuel Navarrete was given a long count when he dropped him in the fourth round in their fight on Friday night in their battle for the vacant WBO super featherweight title in Glendale, Arizona.

Wilson says he wants the fight to be reviewed because he thinks Navarrete was given 20 seconds to recover after he dropped him hard with a left hook in the fourth round.

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Navarrete came back to stop Wilson (11-2, 7 KOs) in the ninth round after dropping him moments earlier.

On social media, many fans felt that the referee gave Navarrete too much time after he got back up.

While the referee was counting, Navarrete spit out his mouthpiece when he reached the count of seven. It was pretty blatant on Navarrete’s part, and you can argue that the referee should have either penalized Navarrete or had him continue fighting without the mouthpiece.

“Liam is a warrior. He came to win, and he landed that big shot on me, and it stung me.  I was able to get up off the canvas and settle down,” said Navarrete after the fight when asked how hurt he was in the fourth round after getting knocked down by Liam Wilson.

“Actually, it was a little intense in the corner. I had to settle them down, but once that happened, I was able to get the victory. This was an amazing victory because it tested me. I needed to know that I was capable of going to the canvas, getting up, and coming out the victor, and now I know I’m capable of going that and doing that in a great fashion.

“After doing this, I can say that my ten years as a pro has been worth it. My team have worked so hard to accomplish this, and in the future, the skies the limit.

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“I want to prove that I’m capable of earning those big world championship fights and the fact that I want those fights to prove to Mexico and to the world what I’m capable of,” said Navarrete.

“A lot of mixed emotions. I should have been fighting tonight with Emanuel Navarrete,” said Oscar Valdez. “Unfortunately, I had an injury, and it couldn’t be, but hopefully, he’ll come back to Arizona and make this fight happen.

“I think Navarrete’s style and my style will be the perfect fight. We can do it in Arizona or wherever. Let’s make it happen. Obviously, we want Navarrete to win. We want the belts to stay in Mexico. Obviously, I was disappointed as well. I wanted to fight, but the fights going to be made, and it’s going to be made this year,” said Valdez.

“Tonight, I came up a bit short. I’m disappointed. I knocked him down in the fourth round, and I believe the count was a little bit longer than I thought,” said Liam Wilson. “I’ll have to review it and see what people think.

“I thought I won the fight. It was a 20-second count. I’ll review it and see what’s there. I want to come back. He’s a tough champion, very accurate. This is boxing; things happen. I hope he goes on to do great things. I’ll be back.

“That is my style [to brawl]. I was doing good during stages. I got caught up, and he came on strong at the end of the fight. It was a long count, and I want it reviewed,” said Wilson.

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