Gervonta Davis says Hector Garcia more skilled Ryan

By Sam Volz: Gervonta ‘Tank’ Davis told the media today that he feels his opponent for Saturday, Hector Luis Garcia is more skilled than Ryan Garcia.

It’s not surprising that Tank Davis (27-0, 25 KOs) rates the 2016 Olympian Hector Garcia (16-0, 10 KOs) as the better technically skilled fighter than Ryan because he had a superior amateur background.

Ryan is one-dimensional with his offense, as he focuses exclusively on his left hook smash and hasn’t developed his right hand at all. Also, on defense, Ryan stands straight up and is vulnerable to getting hit on the chin.

Unless Ryan makes huge improvements on offense & defense before April, he’s going to be easy work for Tank Davis and might not make it out of the first round.

That would be bad news for the paying fans ordering the fight on Showtime PPV, thinking it’s going to be a competitive match-up.

Likewise, there won’t be any interest from fans in a Tank vs. Ryan rematch, which is almost a given to happen if the contest brings in a lot of pay-per-view buys on Showtime. It will be impossible to sell a rematch if Tank blasts Ryan out in the first round.

“Skillwise,  Hector for sure,” said Gervonta Davis to Fight Hub TV  when asked who has more skills between Hector Garcia and Ryan Garcia. “I pushed it back for my personal reasons. It wasn’t because I was scared or anything,” said Tank about him moving the Ryan fight to April instead of taking it in January.

“It was cool. He was prepared for what I was about to do,”  said Tank when asked about his face-off with Hector Garcia today. He did [ look surprised]. I didn’t push him like I did Rolly. I had to check his temperature.

“If he’s open for it, for sure. I’ll do it all night,” said Gervonta. “That’s more money for me. I’ll fight all of them,” Tank said when told that he’s being called out by fighters at 140, 147, and 154.

“I know Adrien [Broner] is going to touch him up, but I’m going to touch him up after for sure,” said Tank about his belief that Adrien Broner will knock out journeyman Ivan Redkach on February 25th.  Tank uses Redkach as a sparring partner occasionally.

“I’ll be there [at Broner vs. Redkach fight] for sure. I might see another situation going on. He’s been talking too much.

“The people that write the pound-for-pound lists are the ESPN guys. They put their guys up there. I don’t really pay attention to that because I know it’s favoritism. I don’t even pay attention to that.

“It’s just people that got on the scene and won a belt, and they got them on the pound-for-pound list before me. I don’t really pay attention to it, but it’s all good.

“I wasn’t worried. I just wanted to clear my name. That’s it,” said Gervonta when asked if he was worried about his fight with Hector Garcia being canceled due to his recent problems outside of the ring.

“I don’t brag about my sparring sessions, but sometimes when a fighter gets beside themselves and they get a little win, and they think they’re better and they’re too high for the next fight. Sometimes, you’ve got to show them.

“‘Bro, I touched you up in sparring. Relax. That’s how a lot of these so-called pound-for-pound or guys that are undisputed just getting on the scene and are talking. You got to show them, ‘We’ve been in the ring before. We did rounds, and it was pretty ugly.’

“Again, in fights, the gloves are smaller and some of these guys have power. That tells you right there,” said Tank Davis.

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