Gervonta Davis posts DMs with Eddie Hearn on Twitter

By Boxing News - 01/15/2023 - Comments

By Huck Allen: Gervonta Davis posted a DM of a conversation he had with Matchroom Boxing promoter Eddie Hearn today on Twitter, asking him why he made a comment about him not being a “deep thinker” or an “articulate” person.

Hearn explained to Gervonta that his comment was meant to compare him to Ryan Garcia and to say that he’s not affected by mental stress in the same way.

Eddie mentioned that with what the unbeaten Tank (28-0, 26 KOs) went through recently with his outside-of-the-ring domestic problems, he handled it by letting it affect him as he prepared for his fight with Hector Luis Garcia.

Hearn obviously meant his comment about Gervonta not being a “deep thinker” as a compliment. However, he used the wrong words to convey his idea, and more importantly, he failed to understand how it could be interpreted to mean that he felt Tank wasn’t an intelligent person.

If you watch the interview, that’s not what Hearn is trying to say. He’s saying that Gervonta is a warrior type that you see in wartime, who mentally shuts out stuff and singlemindedly focuses on his battle.

It’s a rare individual that can do that, but it shows that Tank was built for war. If he were in the military, he would be the ideal soldier who can shut out the pain and the horror that’s going on around him.

Tank is the type where if his platoon commander told him, ‘I need you to make a 1000-meter fireteam rush to take out an artillery replacement,’ he’s not going to think to himself, ‘If I do this, I could get shot to pieces from the machine gun fire along the way. I’m afraid.’ Instead, Tank will follow the orders without compunction and charge forward to achieve the objective.

Here’s the full video of Eddie Hearn’s comments about Gervonta not being a “deep thinker,” You can see that he was talking about him being a warrior that shuts out pain and not belittling him, as he and some fans believe.

YouTube video

Tank needs to step back and digest what Hearn is saying in this video because he’s NOT insulting his intelligence. What he’s doing here is saying that Gervonta doesn’t let the stress of what’s going around him affect him mentally as it does more emotional people, who crumble & fall to pieces during stressful situations.

Ryan Garcia has already shown that he’s mentally affected by things, as we saw with his mental breakdown last year.

Hearn was favorably comparing Tank to Ryan and giving his reasons why he believes he could come out on top IF the two fight in April. As of right now, it’s still unknown if the Davis vs. Garcia fight will even happen.