Boxing Results: Gervonta Davis, Jaron Ennis & Andrade Win!

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By Ken Hissner: At the Capitol One Arena, in Washington, DC, Saturday over Showtime PPV before a sold out crowd Tom Brown (TGB Promotions), Sampson Lewkowicz (Sampson Boxing) and Premier Boxing Champions promotion in the Main Event WBA Lightweight Regular champion Gervonta “Tank” Davis stopped Hector “El Androide” Luis Garcia after 8 rounds. In the Co-Main Event Jaron “Boots” Ennis pitched a shutout defeating Karen Chukhadzhian for the IBF Interim Welterweight title.

In the Main Event WBA Light champ southpaw Gervonta “Tank” Davis, 28-0 (26), #134, of Baltimore, MD, stopped southpaw Hector “El Androide” Luis Garcia, 16-1 (10), #134, of San Juan de la Manguana, DR, after 8 rounds of a scheduled 12 rounds.

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In the first round it was a feeling out one with Davis having an edge. In the second round it was Garcia using his reach having an edge until the final punch from Davis on the chin of Garcia. In the third round Garcia landed several lead lefts on the chin of Davis taking the round.

In the fourth round it was a right hook from Davis on the chin halfway through the round rocked Garcia. Garcia took the round. In the fifth round Garcia landed a solid right on the chin knocking the head of Davis back in the opening minute. Both had their moments.

In the sixth round Garcia had the better of the action as both fighters were throwing one punch shots with few combinations. In the seventh round the champion Davis started landing lead lefts to the delight of his fans. In the eighth round Davis hurt Garcia as a small riot started outside the ring halting the action. By the end of the round Davis had Garcia hurt and unable to come out for the ninth round complaining of an eye injury. Fight was even on this writer’s card after 8 rounds.

Referee was Earl Brown.

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In the Co-Main Event No. 1 ranked Jaron “Boots” Ennis, 30-0-1nd (27), #145 ½, of Philadelphia, PA, pitched an impressive shutout over No. 4 ranked Karen Chukhadzhian, 21-2 (11), #146 ¼, of Kiev, UKR, over 12 rounds for the Interim Welter title.

In the first rounds first minute coming to a close Ennis switched to southpaw the remainder of the round chasing Chukhadzhian all over the ring. In the second round Ennis returned to orthodox continuing out landing Chukhadzhian who got occasional jabs in. In the third rounds first minute ending again Ennis switched to southpaw. Halfway through the round Ennis hurt Chukhadzhian with a body shot. In the final fifteen seconds again Ennis hurt Chukhadzhian with a right to the chin.

In the fourth round’s first minute a left uppercut from southpaw by Ennis on the chin rocked Chukhadzhian. Ennis switched back to orthodox after a minute. In the fifth rounds final minute Chukhadzhian landed his best punch of the fight a right on the chin of Ennis. In the final seconds Ennis landed a right on the chin getting the attention of Chukhadzhian.

In the seventh rounds final seconds Ennis had Chukhadzhian looking like a beat man as the bell sounded walking slowly to his corner. In the eighth round Ennis landed a pair of overhand rights to the head as the first minute came to an end. In the final seconds there was an exchange, rare in this one.

In the ninth round Chukhadzhian landed his first combination near the end of the first minute to the chin of Ennis. Ennis kept up the pressure having Chukhadzhian on the run the rest of the round. In the eleventh rounds final minute Ennis landed three rights from southpaw on the chin hurting Chukhadzhian. Ennis is frustrated trying to end this one.

In the twelfth and final round after twenty seconds Chukhadzhian landed his best combination to the chin of Ennis. Ennis once again took over after that. In the final minute Chukhadzhian stood his ground and paid the price before moving again as Ennis ended the fight pitching a shutout!

Scores were all 120-108 from the judges and this writer. Referee was Malik Waleed.

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WBC Welter Int’l champ Rashidi “Speedy” Ellis, 24-1 (15), #146 ¼, of Lynn, MASS, was upset by majority decision to Roiman “Flaco de Oro” Villa, 26-1 (24), #145 ¾, of Rosario, VZ, with Ellis being dropped twice in the 12th and final round, in an IBF Welter eliminator.

In the first two rounds Villa followed Ellis around hardly landing many punches while Ellis countered with jabs and some body work being much faster a hand and foot. Halfway through the round the fighter’s had their first exchange. Ellis continued controlling the fight.

In the fourth round a right uppercut from Ellis on the chin of Villa rocked him halfway through the round. Villa in the final minute got a left uppercut to the body of Ellis. Ellis took another round. In the seventh round Villa landed a double left hook to the body with the second one a little low hurt Ellis.

In the ninth rounds final half a minute Villa landed a left on the ear of Ellis rocking him. In the tenth rounds final twenty seconds a right from Villa on the side of the head of Ellis buckled the knees of Ellis. In the eleventh Villa was bleeding from the lower lip at the end of the round having one of his best rounds. In the twelfth and final round a left hook a minute into the round from Villa on the chin and down went Ellis taking an 8-count from Referee Brent Bovell. In the final seconds after a lot of holding by Ellis a 3-punch combination on the head from Villa dropped Ellis with another punch landing by Villa while Ellis was down for an 8-count from Referee Bovell as the bell sounded saving Ellis from a stoppage.

Scores were 113-113, 114-112 twice for Villa. This writer had it 115-111 for Ellis.

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Former WBO Middle champ southpaw Demetrius “Boo Boo” Andrade, 32-0 (19), #167 ¼, of Providence, RI, defeated Demond “D’Bestatit” Nicholson, 26-5-1 (22), #167 ¼, of Laurel, MD, over 10 rounds, with a final round knockdown.

In the second round a right jab from southpaw Andrade followed by a left to the neck dropped Nicholson for an 8-count from Referee Malik Waleed with a little over a minute gone. In the third round Andrade suffered an abrasion on left eyebrow. Andrade is returning to the ring after 14 months from shoulder surgery.

In the fifth round a left to the body from Nicholson and a push and down went Andrade ruled a slip by Referee Waleed a minute into the round. Andrade had a 5-punch combination to head and body in the final minute. In the sixth rounds final minute a solid left jab from Nicholson to the right eye stopped Andrade in his tracks.

In the seventh round Andrade landed a right on the chin and then grabbed Nicholson behind the next pulling him to the canvas. In the eighth round Andrade had Nicholson pinned in a neutral corner for the first two minutes dominating the round.

In the tenth and final round a left from Andrade on the chin of Nicholson dropped him for an 8-count from Referee Waleed.

All 3 scores were 100-88 as was this writer’s.

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Super Welter Vito “White Majic” Mielnicki, Jr., 14-1 (9), #153 ¼, of Roseland, NJ, stopped Omar Rosales, 9-2-1 (5), #152 ¾, of MEX and Houston, TX, in 4 rounds of a scheduled 10. Mielnicki scored a knockdown in the 3rd.

Former WBA Light Welter and Welter champ Lamont “Havoc” Peterson, 35-6-1 (17), 141 ½, of Upper Marlboro, MD, was knocked down and stopped in the 4th round by Michael “Tyson” Ogundo, 17-16 (14), #140 ¼, of Kenya and Quincy, MASS, of a scheduled 6 rounds.

Super Middle Kyrone “Shut It Down” Davis, 17-3-1 (6), #163 ¾, of Wilmington, DE, defeated Cristian “El Tucu” Fabian Rios, 23-16-3 (7), #164 ½, of Bueno Aires, ARG, over 8 rounds.

Scores were 80-72 twice and 79-73.

Super Light Brandun Lee, 27-0 (23), #141 ½, of La Quinta, CA, stopped Diego “El Rina” Gonzalo Luque, 21-11-2 (10), #141 ¼, of San Francisco, Cordoba, ARG, at 2:55 of the 4th round of a scheduled 8. Referee Brent Bovell.

Super Welter Travon Marshall, 7-0 (6), #149 ¾, of Capitol Heights, MD, stopped Shawn West, 7-3-1 (4), #151 ¼, of Davenport, IA, within the first minute of the first round, of a scheduled 8. Referee Dave Braslow.

Welter Keeshawn “The Next Big Thing” Williams, 11-1-1 (2), #146 ¼, of Lanham, MD, defeated Gustavo “El Perrito” David Vittori, 27-12-1 (12), #145 ½, of Concordia, ARG, over 6 rounds.

Ring Announcer Jimmy Lennon, Jr.