Adrien Broner: “I’m training my a** off” for Hank Lundy on Feb.25th

By Boxing News - 01/23/2023 - Comments

By Dan Ambrose: Adrien Broner says he’s training hard for his fight against journeyman Hank Lundy on February 25th in his first of three fights on BLK Prime pay-per-view.

Broner (34-4-1, 24 KOs) is likely feeling pressure, knowing that the top brass at BLK Prime are paying him a boatload of money with his three-fight, $10 million+, twelve-month contract.

When you’re getting paid that kind of green, and you’ve arguably lost your last five fights, as Broner has, there’s pressure to want to perform because he’s got to know that he doesn’t deserve that kind of dough.

It’s hard to put an accurate figure on what Broner should be getting for his fight with Lundy, but it’s not $3.3 million, that’s for sure. $50K might be a better number because this is such a dreadful fight on paper.

The 39-year-old Lundy (31-12-1, 14 KOs) has lost his last four fights, and like Broner, he’s been on a steep slide career-wise since 2012.

“I pray that Ivan [Redkach] gets his situation together. Ivan is a good, good guy. He’s not a bad guy. I want the best for him. Now I got a different opponent, Hank Lundy,” said Adrien Broner to Fight Hub TV about his opponent change for February 25th.

“I’m training my a** off, and on February 25th, I’m going to be ready to put on a show,” Broner continued. “I’ve been so locked in. I’ve been so focused, laser-focused, and every day getting up and grinded,” Adrien said when asked if he knew anything about the Redkach situation about why he was pulled from the fight.

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“It’s just sharpening things up and staying focused. It’s a tough spot,  but this is boxing, and this is what boxers go through,” Broner said about Redkach. “In tough times like this, we have no one to turn to, and it’s just very dark. Like I said, I hope nothing but the best for him, but I got to focus on me.

“Honestly, I never asked; I never dug into it. My main focus was ‘get your a** up and get to work because you still have an opponent. It might not be Ivan, but you’re going to have an opponent.’ Now I’ve got an opponent, and it’s Hank Lundy, so that’s my main focus.

“Hank Lundy is a tough opponent for anybody. Everybody knows he’s going to come to fight. In boxing, you don’t take nobody light. A guy of my status, when everybody hear they got the chance to fight me, they go to try their best to get in the best shape as possible. I’m looking forward to fighting the best Hank Lundy,” said Broner.